Victoria- prologue

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A kiss under neath the moonlight on a chilly night goes wrong

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012



The cool fall breeze blew throughout the small town of Victoria. Leaves gently danced in the breeze all the way down, from the tall oak trees, to the nicely trimmed grass drenched in dew. The bright full moon was the only light that brightened the empty, barren streets. Crickets croaked looking for mates, but silence fell over the streets when footsteps echoed down the sidewalk.

A couple walked side by side holding hands, laughing, and smiling as they passed the small, timeworn, shops that closed hours ago.
“Thank you, Gabriel,” A girl stopped in front of Gabriel, a teenager who couldn’t be any older than sixteen, staring into his light blue eyes—holding on to his strong, fine- toned arms. “Tonight was one of the best nights of my life.”

Gabriel smiled looking down at Kaitlin, the girl he had just meet a few days ago, he couldn’t help but run his hand through her long, blonde hair. “Mine’s two,” Gabriel’s soft, pink lips landed delicately on top of Kaitlin’s warm lips coated in red lipstick. His hands ran down her back, he could feel her black, cotton hoodie brushing against his fingers.
Kaitlin was lost in Gabriel’s kiss. She had only known him for a few days, but it was as if they were something more than friends, more than boyfriend and girlfriend. More than soul mates.

Every time Gabriel breathed out, Kaitlin breathed in his warm breath. His breath smelled of rich honeysuckle that she couldn’t get enough. She wanted more, more of his lips, she wanted something deeper.

As if he could read her mind, Gabriel’s tongue slowly entered into Kaitlin’s mouth, going deeper and deeper, until their tongues met. Kaitlin couldn’t pull away, not after she gotten so far. It was as if at this exact moment they became one, nothing would tear them apart. Not knowing what to do, Kaitlin ran her hands through Gabriel’s short, spiky, black hair, pulling him closer to her, so that not even the fall breeze could fit in-between their bodies.

Pulling away from Kaitlin’s lips, Gabriel started to kiss Kaitlin’s neck. Pleasure ran through her as she felt Gabriel’s mouth pressed gently on her neck. Her mouth opened, low moans of pleasure escaped her lungs. This was the first time she had kissed anyone so passionately, so deeply. Questions slowly bounced through her mind. Should I pull away? She couldn’t think straight long enough because she felt pain coming from her neck. Not knowing if this was supposed to happen, Kaitlin tried to wiggle her way from Gabriel’s tight grip.

Gabriel tightened his grip on Kaitlin as he felt her trying to break loose. It was too late Gabriel eyes turned from a bright blue into a dark black--he knew what was going to come next. His nails started to grow longer, sharping like little daggers on his hands. He ran the tips of his nails up Kaitlin’s exposed thy; she trembled as the tingles ran up her body. Pulling away from Kaitlin’s neck, Gabriel could feel his fangs slowly growing out of his mouth; he quickly embedded his sharp, pointed fangs deep into Kaitlin’s neck before she had the chance to see what was happening.

Pain quickly shot through Kaitlin. Her quiet moans of pleasure turned into loud screams of pain. Feeling the blood gushing from her neck, she tried to pull away from Gabriel as quick as she could, but Gabriel’s strong arms pulled her closer to his body.

“Stop!” Kaitlin screamed while she still tried to break loose of Gabriel’s strong grip.
Gabriel wouldn’t stop, not until he drenched Kaitlin of her blood leaving her to die on the street. It took him over three days to get this close enough to her, and wasn’t going let her get away making him start all over again on another defenseless, helpless girl.

“Please....” Kaitlin’s voice was faint, dizziness swept through her body. She couldn’t stand on her own two feet, she fell into Gabriel’s arms-- the last place she wanted to be. Looking up at Gabriel’s eyes, Kaitlin stared into the darkness that filled them. She looked deeper into his eyes, and could see the reflection of her frightened face.

What happened to the sweet Gabriel she knew, the Gabriel who she liked--the Gabriel she loved? “Gabriel....Please....”

But it was too late Gabriel had left, and was replaced with Bishop, one of the meanest, coldest vampires in all of Victoria, and Kaitlin was his prey, and he a hunter of the night, and he wasn’t going to let her escape-- not with her life.

The world started to fade to Kaitlin, she couldn’t see straight. Gabriel’s black hair slowly turned grey, the bright, white full moon blackened. She could feel her heartbeat, which was beating like a drum; slow down. Was this how she was going to die, lying defenseless in Gabriel’s arms as he sucked the blood from out her veins? She remembered all the stories of how vampires ruled over Victoria, ruled the streets after night, the abounded buildings during day, but she would have never thought the old myths were true.

Why Kaitlin? Out of all the girls in Victoria who did all the wrong things like do drugs, smoke, drop out of school. Why Kaitlin? She did everything she was supposed to do, she got good grades, never failed a test, she was going to be accepted into Harvard. “Why...Me?” Tears fell from the corner of her eyes.

The world turned from bright colors of fall into just utter darkness, as Kaitlin fell to the ground. No blood fell out of her open wound that Gabrielle made.

Gabriel licked the rest of the blood that sat on his lips with his sharp pointed tongue. Standing over Kaitlin’s lifeless body, he didn’t know how to feel. Should he pity her for having to die like this? Or should he hate her for having such sweet blood that was hard to find? Not wanting to stick around for a passing police officer, Gabriel slowly walked away blending in with the darkness while he wore his thick, black coat, not turning back once to glance at Kristen.

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