Something known as unity

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The waters of tranquility,oneness,fraternity,peace and harmony when are mingled, they form the valuable gem-like Unity.
This poem is written on the brilliant value of Unity...

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012




Something known as unity

I meant it to be something more than oneness,

Developing strength, character and togetherness,

Forgetting our cast, creed and gender

Resting at His feet, wouldn’t have then been a wonder!


Like sticks in a bundle which one could never brake,

The world would be out-of-curtains, with truth out naked.

What an enjoyment would it have ever been

To exchange-off languages and arts never seen.


With harmony and peace, nobody uncouth

And nobody around to shriek and spank and shout.

This quality once together in our minds,

Will never be left loose, getting untwined.


Englishmen, Germans and people from Spain,

Also including the others I do need to name,

Ye are all blessed and free to live,

To feel the utter truth, the joy to give.


This is a quality, the quality of God,

Named as the so-called unity, blest by the Lord.

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