If this is death

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If this is death, then I'm okay being dead.

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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Submitted: October 17, 2013



If this shit is death then I’m okay being dead

Waking up at work rollin’ over wishin you were with me in bed

They told me when I die that I’m going straight to hell

I went ahead and cracked the code so now I’ve got secrets to tell

You picked up my remains when my body fell

And instead of burying me, you took me to the wishing well

I died and never saw my soul float into the distance

If I could close my eyes and see nothing I’d go in an instant

People ask about my meanings when I speak my word like I minced it

If this is what death is then it’s not that bad

I barely even remember the things that I had

Your face is the only one that I can fucking stand

But if I push them away then I’ll stay in NeverLand

I sold my body to the devil but I lost my soul

Didn’t even get a penny’s worth its weight in gold

If I sold my soul before it became so goddamn worthless

Would it have even been fucking worth it?

Who cares.

The electricity between us is enough to start a fire

Before I was used to intensity meaning hatred and desire

But now there’s hatred, and desire

It’s you and me against a world full of liars

Snakes and rats leaving their tracks in your living room

Stink it up to a point that you need to admire the determination of those fools

Leading wasted lives, these idiots are tools

But they say the same about me

I’m stupid, ugly, and lonely

They don’t know that I made a world that they can’t see

My happy place they can’t be

Where with you I can be smart and pretty

I can look through the windows of your soul

And watch a shooting star in silence

My wishes came true the moment you stopped the violence






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