you make me angry sometimes...

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basicly about boysfriends

Submitted: June 30, 2009

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Submitted: June 30, 2009



yeah, i love you, i really do,

but lately when i say it, it's like you don't beleive me,

all's we do is fight now,

i thought what we did was ment to make us closer,

was a special thing,

something we only did on special occasions,

not everyday, as soon as we get the house to our selves.

i don't want to do it like that. i want it to mean more then that.

i want us to be more then just that.

this all started when you went away for a few days.

it gave me time to see my friends,

and made me reliese i missed them so,

and reminded me of the fun we all use to have.

i liked that, i wanted you to like it too.

but when you came back, you wanted to lock me away from them again,

have everything go back to how it was.

you didn't like it when i rebelled.

and now you think you'lll loose me.

your so selfish! you took away my life!

because you love me! you want me to only be yours.

well what about what i want?

what about how i feel?

i can't even talk to my guy friends that i've had for years,

because you don't trust me with them,

(i no you don't trust me with them)

but i'm ment to let you get away with talkin to that stuck up skank,

and she admitted to trying to steal you!

and you expect me to trust that you won't run off with her,

with your track record,

i don't even know why i should trust you.

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