A Missing Piece of Pie

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I see what I see. Is what I see what is actually there?

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011





Like the man who flaunts it all

Only to lose it all?

I am not rich and I am not with;

I am sometimes proud,

But what’s the wrong in that?

How can I possibly be any more humble?

They say it was a ‘humbling experience,’

To have gone through what I’ve gone through.

Lies, I tell you.

I’ve been through it,

Once before –

This isn’t the first time,

It won’t be the last time –

And I’ve been through so much more.

Why am I magnet –

Someone please tell me –

To these humbling experiences,

Bringing me only lower to the ground?

Why does it seem to keep happening to me?

Damn being humbled.

I’m one to keep low,

Always below the water’s depths.

At bar with a constant measure of nothing.

I am humbled,

There’s no in between with me,

 A confidence,

Barred in with insecurities.

Maybe jailed by myself,

I seesaw in a cell

Among two warring forces.

Another day,

Another battle won by self-doubt,

Self-sacrifice, and self-deprivation.

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