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It's complicated.

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013







Was being caught what killed us? I think, if anything, it was the final straw, the feather atop thousand-pound loads on a bridge that finally collapses. She couldn't take anymore prior to finding it, and so the history on my computer… that was the end.



We had been having issues for a while. I got my first hug a few years earlier; it was when I told her that she'd never loved me that she gave me a futile attempt at embrace. I pushed away from her grip, knowing that it was… what was it? Why hadn't I appreciated the attempt? Maybe I'd never been hugged before, but she was going for it then. I should have hugged back. Instead, I walked away. 



Growing up, we had been rather close. I remember playing video games alongside her. Sometimes she'd play with me; sometimes she'd just watch. I loved those moments. It's funny how into video games I was back then. I can't stand them now. There was a day, or a few, rather, that I missed school to play as Kitana up the Mortal Kombat arcade ladder, never reaching the top. She taught me how to play, the buttons, everything.



But love turned to… ATM? She never realized what love meant. It wasn't about the money. I wanted something more. But, then again, I never asked for it. I asked for the money.



Here we are, strangers. I got a text saying a lot of things. I deleted it. Then I blocked the number. 



It's almost as if we're irreparable now, but then I think, maybe one day… we'll find repair? I don't know. There are times I want nothing to do with her; other times, I think faith brought us together. Why did it? There must've been some plan. In the end, she is my...

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