Bound to Darkness

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Submitted: January 23, 2011

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Submitted: January 23, 2011



There's something about me.

It radiates from a place deep within.

There is no doubt; I can do whatever.

With these eyes, I pierce through the lies and find the truth and concealed beauty.

With these ears, I file through words and meanings and the music of life.

With this nose, I smell the scent of sweet success in the form of happiness and love.

With this mouth, I spell out the phrases that will forever touch all those who choose to listen.

I see it all so clearly now. 

Why was there a fog?  Fifteen years of fog.

My head lost in all directions.

My eyes were blinded; glued together by the shuttters of reality.

My ears clogged with double-meanings and confusion.

My nose, stuffed with a blender of emotions.

My mouth, shut tight, waiting to speak before the other.

It was you...only you.

You could take away everything from me.

You took my eyes.

My ears went too.

Then came my nose. 

Followed by my mouth.

All gone to you; in your possession.

Locked away forever, waiting to break through. 

I was so weak then.

The light from within failed to push. 

You held me back. 

The belt around my waist, ever-tightening, was you.

Leave.  Get out.  I promise you I can't do this.

Please go.  Just go.  LEAVE!

Why won't you?  Why hold me back?

What am I to you? 

Slave.  Fine then, stay. 

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