Burnt Ember

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You deserted me in an ember, to take of myself. What did you expect?

Submitted: April 27, 2011

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



"I'm on my knees, beggin'. Please don't go. Stay..."

Stay? I won't allow myself to waste one more day.

Why now? Why do you always do this,

on the heart, on the pain, you take a piss.

I am nothing to you, but the dirt to be walked on.

Leave me now, let me be, running; hand me the long-deserved baton.

I want so desperately to say I am free.

Times been rough, times gone down; wouldn't you agree?

There is no longer an us, only a me and only a you.

Not again - oh baby, please, not again. Don't do,

this to the love that once existed, don't throw your life into a black & blue.

Over the edge you push me, only just to find,

already put to rest the love that thrived is my mind.

I will survive this, but what will you be doing?

It seems so comical that you're always thinking bout you, loving-

you, and the moment I rise up to go, you remember,

I am your burning ember.

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