Cur-sed Monster

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I'll be a bitch if that's what it takes to be famous.

Submitted: April 26, 2011

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



What ever happened to the \"me\" that once was?
I guess I lost her in the fields of buzzing buzz. 
I sorta kinda miss her, I loved her, but this is me now.
Out of my way, it's my time to shine; let me bow.

\"Fame Monster,\" Gaga said it best.
Who wants to be plain Jane or Average Joe?  I seek to surpass the rest.
I want my name to be shine in lights,
even if it takes cruelty, wickedness, and some treacherous might.

I'll sacrifice all and any meek members against my cause,
just so that my audience sees me as revolutionary, breaking laws. 
Forget the art that was a home I loved,
Forget the purity in my inner white dove. 

Sex, scandal, I'll do it all for fame.
there is no price too grand, no act too radical, in order to reach this gain. 
My mother, father - oh, so ashamed. 
Who gives a damn?  Soon, the world will utter my name. 

The crowds, they will be large and many. 
All with dumb, sad fucks failing to be,
the star that I am. 
I don't give a rat's ass about them; long live fame, I'll deal with the fans. 

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