Froggy Life

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Are we the only ones perplexed by life?

Submitted: February 07, 2011

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



(2 Frogs are basking on a lily pad)

A: So...let me get this straight?  There are ponds "out there" like this one?

B: Yes, yes, yes.  And not all of them are just like this one, some are bigger and better.

A: Madness!

B: What?

A: Life is so crazy?  We were born here to die here, never to see those other ponds.

B: And taste all the delicious snacks that await us in those far-away lands.

A: Besides that; I wonder why the laws of life has bounded us to this area?

Why is there anything?  What's this life?  Why am I here?

B: Woah, woah, woah.  Calm down, you know was happened to Bernardo. 

Rumors have it that he once pondered too much on life and then, the next day the guppie police found him afloat, back-side up.

It wasn't pretty, let me tell you.

A: But shouldn't we be thinking about it.  All we do is sit, talk, notice the occasional swarming fly by the corner of our eye,

and feast.  There has to be something more out there for us.

B: Stop thinking so much.  We're frogs.  And that's that.  This is our home, end of discussion.

A: But why can't we be something more?  (starts slinking away)

B: What are you doing?

A: Shhh.

B: Huh?

A: GULP.  What were we talking about again?

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