Give Me A Ladder

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Life is a ...

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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Submitted: April 07, 2011



How can I fall any much further?

When I'm with you, I hit the floor ofa well.

Oh God, why trap me in hell?

I remember being young, being innocent.

Loving world, loving friends, and having a smile.

You took the me I used to be, ran over it for more than mile.

Please stop, Let me go. I wanna be free.

You always make me believe just before you throw me away.

WhenwillIever shine, when it be my day?

As the years lingered on, only more pain was what I came to know.

Gossips and rumors and lies shrouded my life.

WIth all that you gave me, my heart shattered by the threads of knife.

Lord, almighty, they say you possess a gift.

To repair, to heal, to love, but you never gave to me.

Am I the long forgotten, am I lost in an alley, living just to be.

Then, I was a silly teenager; you gave me no one to run to in my time of doubt.

You stole from me parents who'd know what to do.

And you gave me two boxers who only turned me blue.

Years kept running, and I felt in a midst a chase.

You never reached out a handfor me, what I was to think.

When did I do something wrong; which was pointI deattached from heaven's link?

I know I'm a little boy, and I also know I haven't deserved this.

People say there's bad, but you gotta hold onfor grace.

How can I keep holding on, when I'm about to lose this and every other race?

And now, here we are, me talking to you.

You've taken another from me, told me I'm not good enough.

Always leaving with one sign: boy, life is tough.

I know already, I've gone through things you've put me through.

And just today, I saw the world you gave the us.

Are you even here, there's no justice, are we just a fuss?

Help, don't forget me, I'm looking for you.

Give me a rope or a ladder, to light my own path.

I just keep falling, and I'm afraid I'll be left flat.

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