Hole of Rejection

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Have I drawn the short straw?

Submitted: April 27, 2011

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



REJECTION: Is it a fresh beginning or just another deadend?

The pretty bow that once held my life together was merely an outward trend.

There never really was a "me" in the first place, was there?

Life is evolving in some manner; I smell the makings of new air.

What is to come; what does the darkness of a future hold?

From the mountain that I climbed, down I rolled.

A game of life, I took for granted.

Will I ever be, as I once was, so enchanted?

I am gone, to be gone till the final light ebbs away.

Oh, how much I long for rise in my coming day.

What has happened; the clockwork within me-

it has stopped, turned around, not letting be.

I gave up not too long ago on the one that I was.

The laws I adhered to were the ways of others' written clause.

Lost, I floundered helplessly to regain the soul

of the once acquainted life, rejected, because of the who-I-am hole.

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