I am Truth

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We have a place in the world.

Submitted: January 23, 2011

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Submitted: January 23, 2011



I was little then.
But I knew far beyond the years.
I knew of "it."
Meaning, I could define it.
I really didn't know it.

I always thought I did.
I was too good. 
Too good for him, for her, even for you.
On one pedestal upon another, I reigned. 
Knowledge.  I knew it.
Or at least I thought I did.

When you fall, you FALL.
If you haven't known love, there are no hands to catch you.
If you haven't known truth, no is no net to protect you.
I fell alone, further and further, inside of myself.
How could I?  I knew it.
Or so, I thought I did.  I didn't.

There I was, land crumbling around me.
I fell, after tripping on myself.
Tripping on the mess I had created for myself.
Who was I?  Not who I had become.
I was god?  How?  Isn't there one?
Is there a place for two?  No.
Yes, there must be.  I know the truth.  I do...oh wait, I don't.

Like a baby born, I saw first light.
To my satisfaction and dissatisfaction, I wasn't king.
There was another. 
That person was better; this was their role. 
Not mine.  I was theirs, not the other way around.
I know knew "it".  There is no thoughts, hopes, beliefs. 
I know truth.  Endless truth. 

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