IPOD Love Poem

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Have songs completely changed the language. Is everything a cliche now, or is everything still original?

Submitted: February 07, 2011

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



A: I need you. And you...you need me. Ask yourself, "how do I live without you?"

B: So sweet, but I think that's a line from a song.

A:I think it's time, if you love something, you gotta putta ring on it.

B: Now that definitely reminds me of some song.

A:Not today, not tomorrow, not eva. I don't want to miss a thing. In your life, in mine, in ours.


A: And let me interrupt; Some people want diamond rings, some people want everything, but I only want you.

Look at these pictures of you, pictures of me, upon the wall, reminding us all of who we used to be. So beautiful.

B: I'm leaving...

A; Why? I love you, and this is our Moment 4 Life. A moment like this...I swear, it's one in a million. You're one in a million.

I apologize. Everything I do (I do it for you). I'm sober, and who knew...that I will always love you.


A:Stop what? Stop in the name of love? I'm confused. Don't you see that last christmas, I gave you my heart. Rudolf was there.

He is my alibi. I've changed since then, though. Drops of Jupiter hit my like a train on the tracks.

The first cut was the deepest, but no more cuts. I'll be your crying shoulder. You'll be my Soul Sista. I know just what to do. I know the night is fading.

Time after time, now, I'll be there with you. Your love, your love, it's the ill-est.

You're the only girl in the world. No need to shout SOS, I'm here. You're still and forever the one that I want.

B: Just shut up, already.

A:Don't you walk out of that door. You're my everything: fergalicious, bootylicious, just absolutely delicious. No more deja vu's, no more love songs.

The world is So Small, I'm here for you and only you. If you won't take me back...ugh. Jesus take the wheel.

B: ...

A:Where did you go, my love. Fine, forget you...no F++K you.

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