Love Hate Love Birth

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Your family can say one thing, in a coded language, but I think we all know the love that is nested underneath any exterior layer.

Submitted: February 07, 2011

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



A: Shouldn't it be time already?  Seriously, I'm tired of waiting.

B: I know right?  How long has it been?  Like 9 months?  Gosh, this takes forever.

A: I absolutely 100% agree.  Too long.  And there SHE is, walking around like she's the queen of the world.

B: I know, when will she fall off her pedestal and return to the harsh reality.

A: She's fat.

B: So fat.

A: I hope I'm never that fat.

B: Seriously.

A: And her arms.  Ugh.

B: Disgusting.

A: But you can't deny the light.

B: Shh.  Don't tell her that; it'll make her head even bigger.


A: It's time?

B: Wait!  It's time???

A: OMG!  Out of my way, I have to go help.

B: Wait, why are you covering your eyes.  Are you crying?

A: No...yes!  So are you!

B: I know, it's just so beautiful.

A: So beautiful. 

B: I can't believe this is happening.

A: I know.

B: Look at her.  Fat?  No, just simply exquisite.

A: Exquisite.  Absolutely.

C: Wait!!!!  False ALARMMMMMMMMMM!

A: Ugh.  Who does she think she is, tricking us like that.  Gosh.

B: I know, I hate her.  Let's give her dirty looks.

A: Wait, are you still crying.

B: No...yes!  Still beautiful.

A: Let it go.  Remember how much we loathe her and her making us do all these things for her.

B: Ok. 

C:  My water just broke. 

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