Mama, Papa, Him, and Her

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Changes in life are not always expected.

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



Life as we knew it...

gone forever.

Only seen in distant memories, loose dreams, and pictures that snapped the ever-so happy times,

would be the life I once had.

For him, it would change too.

But not as much as it would change for me.

My life would be gone, or that is what all say.

I'd be another's forever and ever,

until I reached the heavenly entrance.

Even from there,

I would watch the new life as I will know it. 

For mama, life would change in more ways than one.

She would look at me with disdain, mixed with happiness, mixed with strain. doubt!  There would be love on her part,

but she would have to lose love of the dreams she lost that she passed on to me.

But I could pass them on too, longingly hoping they would be achieved,

before the cycle repeated and repeated, in the manner of a broken clock.

O mama, just smile.  This time will be different.

For papa, he couldn't bare it. 

He loved me, and I can maybe even say, he was getting used to him,

but yet for another, I can't say the same.

He thought of the immediate consequences, the changes,

the life alterations that would forever path out my road and his and all others.

I was his sunshine to disappointment.

I was his riches to rags, his cherished.

I could still be, and this could be even more.

Papa just had to give it a chance.  I know he'd find love. 

And for me, I'm in love.  With it, with love, with the world. 

Yes, I'm in love with love.  And I'm happy.  Never been happier.

Not him, not mama, not papa can take away this love.

Mine forever, it'll be.  I can't hide my smiling. 

I'm not ready, but I will be. 

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