Monkeys & Sharks

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You are the apple to my orange, the jelly to my peanut butter, the monkey to my shark?

Submitted: May 02, 2011

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Submitted: May 02, 2011



Some time ago, you chose a flight.
One, in which, the key necessity was all your might.
Your preconceived notions warned agaisnt a given chance. 
I dare you now, to cut through the resulting product with a lance. 

You will not; I knew you would not.
It, the progeny of your circumstance, has become much more than an ink blot
on the stain that is your dark, secretive past.
Oh, the woman that you used to be...her shadow recedes, no longer vast. 

The duo were as different as monkeys and sharks.
For this very reason, you never foresaw a hit out of the park. 
"Not meant to be, not inscribed in law, not lady luck's way-
maybe fun, maybe unique, but the love, only lasiting for a meek day."

Wrong, my sweet, my love, my now-everything.
Loud, louder, to the earths and heavens please continue.  Sing,
that a love that is not meant to be,
is clearly, in this wretched world, meant to be. 

A love that appears so outwardly not-right,
is something we must not choose against to figth.
Look at us now, pees in a pod, however "off" this pod...
may be, all I know is that we've become one, succinct, forever-lasting mod.

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