Monster Speaking

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Can you see evil?

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



SICK FUCK. You are a sick, sick monster...a murderer really.
How could you? Take the precious life of all our friends?
With the pre-inscribed wall of heavens, you disagree.
Spat on God, you did, and chose for others their ends.

Oh Lord. It wasn't just simple murder, look at their deaths.
Bodies mutilated, disrespected, ignored in entirety of human breaths.
You never once loved me, them, anyone at all.
You searched only for one life answer: an inevitable fall.

Don't you see, don't you get it?
A friend of yours faces a constant threat, they must take a hit.
No one's safe when they're by an angel who kills,
No one escapes; only the body count hapilly is in fills.

Get away from me, please stay away.
Don't even think about taking my day.
You did it, you did; no one can deny
love is gone, death is growing, when you are by.

HEHEHE. I am the new survivor, the new lead.
And I'll get away with it, just watch me leave.
I guess it was just meant to be; others had to bleed.
Wasn't I amazing, didn't I make you believe.

A victim, really? That's not my role.
I'm so misunderstood; life's one big cajole.
What the fuck? Sad parents, silly kids,
trying to get rid of the Boogeyman, in desperate bids.

Yes, I killed them. I killed each and every one.
On my heart, no weight at all; NO, not a ton.
I laughed after each death, after each tearful plee.
Left the bodies exposed, those losers; I flee.

Who thinks up this shit? You the killer,
so easy to displace blame, and I'm the fiddler
of a new play, maybe a direct-to-tv lifetime movie.
It'll be beautiful, scary, and full of fame's bloody.

© Copyright 2017 parkelis. All rights reserved.

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