Nothing but a Silent Orange

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I am a dud, there but not there. I don't make my presence known, wafting through the days, months, years till my presence isn't there any longer.

Submitted: February 24, 2012

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Submitted: February 24, 2012




Yesterday, I hurt myself with my own words.

How ironic since I never talk…

Too afraid to share my voice

Because of impediments.


Yes, or should I say, ‘yeh, yep, uhuh’

Always thinking through my sentences,

Refraining from saying any word with an ‘s’ in it.

I walk in the door

And that damn lisp is the first thing and the last thing you’ll hear,

The only thing you’ll remember.

I also mutter, under my breath,

Sometimes over my breath,

But never on purpose.

I ramble, talking on and on,

Too fast for anyone to understand,

Even me.

I cannot speak.

I am inarticulate,

But it’s not that I don’t try.

I can’t verbalize,

I’m stuck in a silent bubble,

Which remains silent – so eerily silent –

Until I pop, embarrass myself,

And become a recluse in a new bubble.

I’m stuck.

I need help,

But I can’t even ask for it.

Yesterday, I hurt myself with my own words.

I cried because I had a thought

Of how I can’t talk.

And I’ll cry again today

And every day I can’t speak,

And at how in so many ways,

These impediments will forever hold me back. 

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