Static Reeling

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Do you trust in love? And should you?

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



Don't say no to me, dont' let me float away. 

Drifting slowly, reel me in before it's too late. 

Hurry, hurry, I don't wanna have to wait. 

I guess it's true what they do, nothing comes from a "may."

Why lie to me, why say the things you said. 

What is the point of making me feel secure. 

If you only perceive this as a life's detour. 

You go, you keep running, just rrun ahead.

I'll stay, I'll not move, nothing will become of me. 

You took my love, and with it, you took a part,

of the life I was living, leaving me desolate, nameless, uncalled for art. 

What did you want; what of my remains, what will they be?

I beg you now, hear me out. 

Don't keep playing games, I've been others, no more. 

You stole from me what was mine, the remnants of me you tore. 

The anger that was inside, you've stolen it's voice, I can't even shout.

I'm left alone, helpless, longing for your return.

I hope and hope you'll come my way, even if I know. 

There will never be a day, there never was one to begin with, when our love would flow. 

O God, why make me think, why make me hold on, why must I be so stubborn?

I've got to get a move on, I've really got to leave.

I just can't keep waiting, if only just to see...once more, the face that lit my own. 

The fears, they destroy me, I can't bear the thought: alone. 

Fine, I won't go, I'll be here, I've just got to believe. 

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