Take Me Away From This Place

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Where is the home? What is your house when you don't feel safe in it?

Submitted: March 04, 2011

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Submitted: March 04, 2011



Somebody please save me.

There was a time when I believed one could save himself. 

That was long ago.

Now, each night, I look out my window.

Waiting for a fairy, an elf, a witch, a wizard, a giant, anyone at all...

to rescue me.

Take me away.  O please.

I don't want to live this any more.

Don't get me wrong. 

I love myself, my greatness, my flaws, my everything, inside-out.

I'm in love with me.  Don't forget it.

But I've lost love for them. 

Or rather, they've squashed. 

My heart, laid out, was for all to see,

on a platter.

They've come and stomped on it,

I guess it's no matter.

It's just me.

What am I, but another bee?

But I'll wait, now and forever, for that day,

in which, one may...

save me from my life,

stop this rising knife.

I am tired, don't wanna get out in the morning time.

When will I belong, who will be mine?

My parents, they don't seen to notice,

they're own one, adds to my list

of pain. 

I want to be in gain

of life that is more,

maybe even a bore.

I want calm, I want dreams, I want a world where in there's something more to be.

No more rhymes.  They're too sweet.

Take me away from here.

There's nothing to see.

It's death and fights and wars and lies and cheats

and yells and tears and broken-hearted kids

who look to parents that can barely take care of themselves,

let alone, all the many things going on in thier lives.

Take me away from here.

To a place where I will belong,

to a place where I can feel home.

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