Teardrops to Heaven

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One day, we'll reach our heaven on earth.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




Terrible things do indeed happen,

Even to the greatest of good people.

For anyone to believe in grace –

Goodness that will one day

Be bestowed upon us,

Happiness unlike any other –

They must believe in the broken road

That is to be taken

Till we reach this ‘gracing period.’

I’ve long walked this broken road,

And along the way,

I’ve acquired many powerful lessons

To share with all of you.

One of them is the most important.

A good cry, one good cry,

Is all that can be allotted

To each terrible thing endured.

My mother died a year ago today,

The zenith of a season of celebration.

I’m supposed to be happy;

And you know what, I’m not sad.

I harbor no negative, repressive,

Self-defeating, self-eating emotions.

I’ve let out what demons built up inside

With one good cry.

I won’t smile today –

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to smile today –

But I’m okay. I’ll survive.

I still need today for me.

I mourn.

One good cry doesn’t replace the void

An inner sadness creates after a difficult pain,

But one good cry does get me out of bed,

Allow me to face myself in the mirror

And welcome days as new beginnings at life.

I’m given the opportunity

To live my life past the terrible

In hopes to get a few feet further

Along the broken road.

One good cry,

Followed by positive, progressive movement

Will take me to my grace,

My heaven on earth.

© Copyright 2018 parkelis. All rights reserved.

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