The Secrets of the Ants

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"There are stories all around us waiting to be told." - Unknown

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012



Have you ever lived
The life of an animal,
Gone so far to know
The secrets of the ants?
Have you not reclined yourself
On the summer’s green grass,
Pressed hard against the warm soil,
With your head next to Mother Earth,
And spoken to the ants?
They are lively ones,
Filled with discussion,
Buzzing of knowledge all around.
Tis’ often the disposition
Accompanied with a ubiquitous presence.
Give them a chance to start speaking
And these capricious creatures will just never stop.
What did they say to you;
What were their issues;
Do you remember,
Did you listen?
Did they discuss their lives,
Everyday building something new,
Something beautiful;
All assiduous work, laborious hours,
Destroyed in a mere moment
At the hands of us, self-interested humans.
Did they converse
About the silly honeybees
Who think they own it all?
Did they talk
Of the fearsome blue jays in the mighty sky
Rummaging through their families for food?
Nature’s gossip, that which can only be learned
Through those most omnipresent of insects
Will cause you to find you can always learn
Much more than you first anticipated.
Overlook size, status, and class;
Spend a day with the ants,
Leaving all of society behind you,
Integrating into a new brotherhood.
Be in abeyance, for brief elapse of time;
Enter the gates of the ant-world alembic
For a new perception of the world.

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