There You Are Again

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An unexpected visit ignites mixed emotions.

Submitted: August 03, 2011

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Submitted: August 03, 2011




There you are again.
A face lit by the moonlight;
A face I’ve come to know.
Instantaneously, the long-somber heart
Begins to cheer and glow. 
Run to me, baby;
I’ll hide in your arms,
For tonight, for the rest of forever.
Don’t let me go; don’t forsake me like-
Hold me closer, tighter.
This is perfectly where I saw myself to be. 
There you are again.
Wait!  You left me alone,
A time that wasn’t so long ago.
You disposed of all I came to know,
Into a distinguished air.
I called to you, begged, pleaded,
And sent out a meaningful flare.
No one stepped forward; no one heard my cries,
So I was forced to grow strength,
And now I’m dry. 
There you are again,
Telling me you love me,
Telling me you need me,
Telling me you were so wrong
To ever get up and leave me. 
There you are again,
Back to turning my world
Upside down, inside out,
Making me hurl,
Taking me for a churl.
Into a twist,
Drown, I, in a river;
Crown, I, the perpetual giver
But never, never… the winner. 
There you are again,
Playing to the beats of my heart.
I promise, from this point on,
They’ll never stop, nor start
For your drums.
I’ve closed off my lovely music to you.
There you are again.
Let me just say
Not today, not tomorrow, not ever
Will you find a haven in my arms,
Will I play with you, the games you want to play.
I’m not a victim; I’m not your in-need-of-saving damsel.
There you are again. 
Watching my transformation,
My evolution.
I am a bird, once who lost her wings.
Now I fly to the top of Heaven’s rings.
I watch from above
The wickedness you drew me into.
There are you again.
I hope you’ll be leaving soon,
Because I have nothing more to say to you.  

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