Thrown-Away Love

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How long will you wait for your loved one to come back to you? How long will you wait for someone to realize something? One moment is too long...

Submitted: February 07, 2011

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



A: No…I just don’t want to do this any longer.
I swear it only makes my heart weaker, not stronger.
B: ENOUGH? Enough?You’re giving up that easy.
Why, Leesy?
A: I think it’s what has to be done. This just isn’t in the cards for me.
B: What does THAT snarky, worthless expression even mean?
How can you know? Are you sure?
A: Yes … and no. I want it ever so badly, my heart is pure.
But there are no signs of it, of my dreams reaching “reality status.”
Signs…maybe, the sign is that if it hasn’t come true after 30 years, then it’s just not my reality to grasp.
B: Waiting? Waiting is too long and hard on you? Some people wait forever.
And those that wait forever, they let go never.
I never took you to be a quitter,
And even more, I never saw you as a loser.
A: Say what you want; How long then, tell my how long I should sit here and wait.
HE ISN’T COMING. He is no longer interested in me, this bait.
B: He is, and he will.He told you, me, the town… everyone of his love.
How can he just release it like a dove?
A: That’s a simple one; he can follow in my footsteps
And deposit his love in a chamber of his heart,
Gone forever, without ever really being gone.
B: WHY? Why are you this way? Why not wait it out?
A: Fine.For how long then?
B: For how long your heart is telling you to wait for this man.
A: Leave. I don’t want you to wait with me.
I’ll wait, I’ll listen to my heart, and in the process, lose everything I want to be.
But before you leave,
Answer me this one question, Jeeve.
Is the heart always right?
Or is itwrong, but humans are happy to partake in the fight?
B: …
A: Go.
I’ll wait here, sitting for my Bo.
(50 years later)
A: Dee-dum, dee-doo, dee-
Bo, is that really you?

Oh no, just another coincidental, hurtful reminder of a wasted 50 years.

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