Trapped in the Valley, Part 1

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Here I am, waiting for you.

Submitted: April 19, 2012

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Submitted: April 19, 2012



I am trapped within a valley,

Barricaded in by two mountains-

One to my left, the other to my right.

It would seem there is nowhere to go

But up.

In actuality, there is nowhere to go.

The valley erodes each day,

And as I stand helplessly,

I fall further into its bottomless pit-

A mind split between

Mt. St. Move and Mt. St. Remembrance.

It appears I neither want to move forward in this life

Or remember and learn the past of mistakes made.

I loved and I loved hard; I hoped and I hoped long.

There was nothing more I wanted

Than you and I to be an us.

And, as I sit feebly in this valley,

Being stuck in mindset on you,

I ignore all that composes the world around me.

The birds flying overheard,

Chirping, “Save yourself, kid,

You’ve still got time;”

The little bunny rabbits

Rubbing their sweet little tails in my face,

In futile attempts to get even a smile-

Albeit a roar of laughter-

Out of me.

Everyone and everything that comes to my rescue,

I disregard.

I live for you and only you.

Everywhere I see you,

I feel you, I smell you;

I think I hear you all the time-

Every noise,

A little pitter-patter on the ground

To the parades of buzzing bemusement,

I believe it is you who has finally come for me.

I don’t move from this valley,

Enacting the role

Of nothing more than a damsel in distress,

Because I believe you’ll come for me.

I won’t ever move;

Even if my heart is telling me

You won’t come.

You will…

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