The Holocaust of Souls

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Jake Mase is trapped. Locked in a room with one or more other people, just waiting to be murdered. Will he wait for his time, or attempt an escape?

Submitted: August 30, 2014

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Submitted: August 30, 2014



~~The Holocaust of Souls

Parker Ford

 The man watched from his chair as he sat at his desk. He watched videos. Videos that were of death: death by gun, knife, axe, saw (both chainsaw and circular-saw), brick, fire, water, and anything else that came to mind. He watched these videos with a demented smile on his face, and when they ended, his expression turned to one of boredom.


 Jake Mase opened his eyes to a gray room with absolutely nothing in it. He groaned, and then he pinched himself to find out whether this was a dream or not. Having done that, he saw another grayness around his hand. He looked closer, and he saw that he was handcuffed to a pole. "Bullshit," he muttered. He'd seen too many movies to not know what could happen next.

He muttered, "Hello?" He wasn't hopeful for an answer, but with the situation he was in, there was nothing else to do. "What?" This was the reply. Jake's eyes widened, and he looked around nervously. "Um.... who's there?" "Turn around and find out." Jake looked at his handcuffs, nervously started standing up, and then turned around. There was another man staring right at him: red hair, green eyes, and a creepy expression on his face. When the man smiled, Jake felt his brain swim and he was hit by a wave of nausea.

 A little bit about Jake Mase: he is twenty-five years old, and a graduate of UCLA. He has black hair, blue eyes, and is into doing nothing. He has a girlfriend of five years, Emilia James, who happens to be sitting on the couch at their house at this moment, wondering where he is.

At his current location, Jake is confronted by this red-haired man, who, by the way, is also twenty-five. Jake looked him straight in the eyes. "So.... you're not into telling people your name in this situation, are you?" The man then looked slightly confused and raised his arms. "Why wouldn't I be? My name's Matthew Petrei." He was also handcuffed to a pole, and at that moment Jake felt slightly embarrassed. 

"How long have you been here?" "Oh, I got here just before you did. Why aren't you freaking out? I remember that's what I did first." The question confused Jake, because he was wondering the same thing. Matthew nodded. "Ah. Nevertheless, we should find a way to get out of here." Jake gave him a look that said, Is that so, Sherlock? Matthew looked pleased that he had brought up the subject. 

For the next few minutes, Jake and Matthew grinded their handcuffs against the poles that kept them in place, but to no avail. They only made small indentions into the gray objects. Jake looked up and asked, "Do you have anything in your pockets?" The reply was, "No. He took everything out before he dumped me here." After another hour or so of rapid arm movements, Jake muttered, "Damn. I'm gonna need to get some sleep." He hit the floor, and was out almost instantly.

 Matthew had gone to sleep shortly after, and they were both woken up after what seemed to be a good night's sleep. They looked up when a door opened in the side of the room that was at an angle invisible to them. Matthew nearly leapt out of his socks, and he yelled, "How long has that been there?" Jake tried to console him by saying, "It doesn't matter. We wouldn't have been able to reach it anyway." A man wearing a sweater and khakis walked through the open door, and he had a girl slung over his shoulder. Matthew flipped out again. "And who the hell are you? Let us out, you son of a bitch!" The man didn't even look up. He said in a small, but commanding voice, "I thought you might want some company." He tossed the girl across the room, reached behind him, and brought out some bolt cutters. He tossed them across the room towards the boys with ease, and then he left, locking the door behind him.

 After ten minutes had passed, the two men had freed themselves from their chains. They went over to take a look at the young woman who had been thrown in with them. She looked about twenty-one, with scars on her cheek and her back. She was wearing clothes as if she had just gotten back from a fraternity party. They rolled her over, and they waited until she regained consciousness. When she did, her eyes opened and looked around frantically.  It took a few minutes for the men to realize that she was choking.

 They rolled her over and sure enough, she spit out blood all over the floor. The gashes were deep, and they saw another across her neck. Luckily, it hadn't cut anything vital. When she had gotten to her feet, she said, "The name's Lucy Jinesman." She stuck out her hand for both of us to shake. "How did you get here, Lucy?" Matthew asked. "That man was at the party. I saw him looking at me. A lot of 'em do, so I didn't think nothin' of it." Matthew rolled his eyes, but she didn't see him. "He actually approached me. He got me a drink and everything. I thought he was smooth, although I thought it was weird that he was the only one there wearing a sweater." She looked around, and then she continued her story. "We talked, but after we had been drinkin' for a while, I started getting the words mixed up. The only thought I had at the time was, 'I'm gonna have a massive hangover in the morning'." She giggled, and tears started to streak down her face.

 "The last thing he said... I thought it was the drink, but now I realize...... he said 'I didn't put too much, because I want you to experience it'." He invited me to go somewhere with him.... I think there was a bathroom that was near a backdoor..... and I ended up here."

 That was her story. After another fifteen minutes, they were all on their feet, trying to find a way out. Jake grabbed the bolt cutters and swung at the giant door. Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! These were the only sounds heard for a good ten minutes. "Damn it! This guy's good!" That was Matthew, and he slowly starting to lose his mind, not unlike us. That sometimes happens when you go without food for a certain amount of time. Ahhh! Damn! It was obvious he was hurting, and yet, there was nothing anyone could do for him.

 A few days later, the man opened the door again. He was black, and, indeed, he was wearing a sweater and khakis. He found them each sitting in a separate corner, slightly emaciated. "Hello!" His voice boomed from his tiny body. Matthew's eyes opened slightly, and then he glared at him. "You son of a bitch, I'd kill you if I could move!" The man smiled. "I don't doubt it for a second! And yet.... you really can't move." He smiled again; it wasn't a malicious grin, it was only a smile. Jake moved his head and croaked, "What are you doing?" The man reached behind the door again and brought out three boxes of pizza. He set them down in the middle of the room and said, "Eat up!" He turned again, and Lucy screamed, "Why are you doing this?" He grabbed the wall with his hand and slowly replied, "Well.... now. I guess that's for me to know, and for you to find out." He left, obviously happy with himself.

 Jake came to his senses slowly, and when he did, he rushed at the pizza. For all of them, it tasted like heaven. Matthew was in tears. "We really have to get outta here, man," was what he said and everyone else was thinking. Jake looked up. "The dude's smart, I'll give him that. It'd be so easy for us to just nail him with something when he comes in, so he only comes in every few days, when we haven't had food for a while and we're too weak to fight back." Lucy suggested, "Maybe we should hold on to the food for a while. Save our strength for when he does come back." Matthew was immediately opposed to the idea, for he wanted to eat the whole pizza now. "We have to. It's our only option," Lucy replied frantically.

 They managed to eat only one slice of pizza a day, for the next two days. Jake was getting the hang of it, and he even managed to look relatively normal. Lucy was the same, except she had gotten even skinnier than Jake had. Matthew was looking bad. His eyes were rarely open, and when they were, they darted across the room, looking for anything that he could sink his teeth into. One night, Jake and Lucy awakened to find Matthew growling in the corner, his eyes beet-red, and he was staring directly at Lucy. Another night, they were woken by his screams. He was staring at his hand, his eyes wide open. When Jake went over to look at it, he saw that Matthew had eaten some of the skin off his hand. As he tried to console him, Lucy gave him a slice of the pizza, and he cried himself to sleep.

 They woke up the next day to find the man with the sweater in their room again. "You guys would be great leaders," he muttered. "Sadly, I see what you're doing here. It won't work." He pulled a revolver from the back of his pants and put a bullet in Matthew's head. "There. Something for you guys to think on. You caused this."

 Jake was too disoriented to feel rage, or an anger of any kind. He thought for a second; he grabbed the bolt cutters and swung at the man's face. He saw actual surprise dawn in the man's eyes, and then the object caught him in the mouth. He flew across the room. When he hit the ground, Jake walked towards him: he saw that blood was dripping down his chin, and that in the next moment the man spit out both blood and tooth. It looked like he had put a pretty good dent in his jaw-line. Lucy picked up the revolver that he had dropped. The man sputtered and coughed, and suddenly Jake didn't care about him at all. "We need to leave," he said. Jake took one last look at the man, glanced at Matthew, and turned to leave the building.

 They ran out the open door, only to find another hallway. The man was more tech-savvy than they had given him credit for: there were at least three rooms filled with computers, monitors, and cameras. "He could always see us," Jake muttered. He looked at Lucy in surprise and said, "He was always going to kill us! What just happened was not part of his plan. We need to hold onto our advantage." The lights went out.

 "Holy shit." They raced into one of the computer rooms, where the computers let out a fairly bright glow. They went over to one of the screens and Lucy covered her mouth; on the screen was a video off another person handcuffed to a pole. How many people had been in their same predicament? Then, they heard the man gasping from the other room. He whispered, "Little boy....... little girl....... I'll see you both in hell." He pulled his phone out of his pocket and pressed a button.

 Beep. Beep. They heard footsteps coming down a stairway up ahead. The man behind them started cackling madly, and the man in front of them soon joined. Jake arranged the cameras so that they could see what was coming for them, and he felt himself start to get dizzy. It was a man holding a giant hammer. He had night-vision goggles for the blackout, and a metal covering nailed around his mouth. That's how crazy he was; that he could continue his laughter with the nails in the jaw. "Oh my god," Jake muttered and motioned for Lucy to join him as he hid under the desk. "It's our only chance. Either we might be able to get past him if he misses us on his first sweep, or we're dead. Plain and simple." They could hear the footsteps getting closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. Impact.

 Nobody could see anything, yet they knew his face had looked around the corner at them. He was probably grinning, but he wasn't laughing anymore. He walked forward and hoisted the hammer over his shoulder. Lucy and Jake both held their breath, waiting for the end. The man smashed the hammer down on the computer screens. He then hoisted it up again and swung it into the wall, hitting the EMERGENCY button. The lights came back on with a whoosh.

 The man put the hammer down and reached for some pliers. He turned and began to work on his mouth. His screams as he pulled the nails from his mouth were inhuman; Jake and Lucy both stared in awe and surprise. When he was done, the covering fell to the floor; he turned to look at them, revealing a mangled and disfigured appearance, mostly on his face. He gasped, and seemed to tear up at a breath of actual fresh air. Jake felt a pang of sadness for the man. The man looked at them and rasped, "Jonathan Schilling. You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment. I owe you my life." Lucy suddenly remembered how there had been other prisoners and she shuddered. Jonathan picked up a toolbox with one hand, his giant hammer with the other, and said quite intelligently, "When one is granted an opportunity, one must take it. Get the hell out of here." They walked into the hallway, and Jake wondering whether the saying was about their escape, or about Jonathan's revenge. The man in the sweater groaned angrily from across the building, but then his groans gradually turned to shrieks. He grabbed a blade and put it to his throat, but Jonathan grabbed it from him at the last second, laughed an actual laugh, and said, "Not yet, my friend. You can't die before I have had my fun." Jonathan reached back and slammed the door shut.

 They followed the halls, room-to-room for another twenty-five minutes before coming to a door labeled EXIT, which they gladly went through. They came out in an alley behind a HUEY'S restaurant, and Jake ran to a trash can before throwing up. They hugged each other tight. "Well, I'm glad that's over," Jake said. "Damn understatement if I ever heard one!" Lucy retorted.  Remembering their mangled appearances and the last piece of pizza they ate, they both walked into the HUEY'S to start their new lives and eat.





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