No Thank You (Tokio Hotel Fan Fic) Chapter 2

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So chapter two is up :) been a while since i wrote this1 if its popular in here i shall start writing chapter three...the characters in the story are real, both my sefl, my friends kara, carrie,and yasmine are main characters.

Submitted: February 09, 2011

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Submitted: February 09, 2011



~~~~~ The Guy’s Prove ~~~~~
WOW was all we could say about this house, I mean it has everything! I was pretty sure that this was the thought that crossed all of our minds. “Tom let’s take the elevators!” I said happily. “All right” tom smiled cockily. “Hey guys … what about us?” Gustav asked. Tom and I looked at him and said “you and Georg can us the ones that are down here ^. ^” They both grumbled… hahaha obviously they wanted to take the elevators! Hahaha too late!! Tom and I walk up to the elevators looked at each other and laughed.
 I went in the on the elevator on the right and tom went to the one on the left. And as Chelsea had told us to do I pressed 2 and the elevator went up. It binged signaling that I was on the second floor. I then pressed B………” OMG!” I screamed, I was suddenly jerked to the left and it made my heart skip a beat! The doors binged again and I walked into a very stylish bathroom, it was a light blue color with dark blue trimmings and white curtains. There was a huge bath tub too…WOWS….was all I could think.
~~~~~Tom’s Prove~~~~~
I was on the elevator right….well I was have a good time UNTILL it decided that it wanted to jerk to the right really fast and I fell down a lost my breath. Well when I got up and regained my breath, it was taken away again, but for a totally different reason. This bathroom is AMAZING! It red with black trimmings and gray curtains and the BAT TUB man I wish Bill and the others could see this thing! It’s a behemoth of a tub!! As much as I had to pee, I looked around first. There was a shelf of towels of different sizes but the colors were red and black…… so cool! I looked up and saw a poster of… us… what in the world…… ahhhhh…. I get it now their fans.
 Maybe we could get them tickets for the concert say they won them hmm it would work. ~~~~~My prove~~~~~
The boys went ahead to the bathrooms. I know full and well who they are, considering that I listen to their music… but the only thing that is on my mind is that club Carrie convinced me to go to. I know Yasmine’s not a clubber ether, but she was bribed with sake (it’s a Japanese wine) and it’s her favorite drink not to mention that it is severed there as a beverage so yah you can say I’m kindly screwed. But dot get me wrong I don’t mind it or anything it’s probably the only alcohol I will ever drink IN MY LIFE! “You know who they are right?” Yazmine sighed….. I swear she sounded like she was in love *COUGH*TOM*COUGH* “hmmm… Yah I know, I hope that they don’t expect us to act like crazy fan girls want to drink their pee.
 Because we’re not like that” I said … at least I’m not like that. “Well I think it is awesome!” I looked at Carrie and said “yah you would” she gave me the same look she gave me earlier and said “you know you think so too Chelsea………..ADMIT IT!!” she said “Ok…Ok I admit it!”.”Hahahahaha you guys are funny!” Carrie looks at me and I do likewise… we both look at Yazmine and yell with big smiles on our faces “SHUT UP YAZMINE!!!” I think her mouth hit the floor and she stutters “WA, wa did I do!?!?!?” It was too late to react to her, because we hear the pings of the elevators and the sound of four guys walking. And they all came out at once form the hallway.
~~~~~with the guys~~~~~
“Hey guys, when I was in the bathroom I saw something” I said “ugh well yah you would see something you were peeing” Georg said in that voice… god I hate that voice it annoys me so much z/. “NO YOU DUMAZZ!! I SAW A POSTER OF US!!! IT WAS ON THE CELING!” Bill looked at me startled “Tom don’t’ yell it’s rude!” “Yah your one to talk, any way as I was saying I have thought of something that we can pay those girls back!” “What’s that?” Bill asked wearily.
Well obviously he thought I was thinking about sex, which I was not thinking about at all. “I was thinking we could give them some tickets for the concert”, “hey that would work!” Gustav said. “I think that would be good, because they did let us use their bathrooms when they didn’t have to.” Bill said with a smile, “Let’s wait until tomorrow though and say they won it and give them those 4 tickets” I said “Why 4?” Gustav asked. I sighed “Take a guess Gustav” I think I could see the gears finally start moving in his head,” oh” “yah oh” “I don’t get it” Bill said, forgot about him well I’m older so I’m smarter.
And he needs a girlfriend……we all do “We’ll tell you later Bill, now let’s go and join the ladies” I said. As we were walking to the living room I couldn’t help but notice pictures of those girls and another. Then I realized it the other girl would be perfect for Gustav…… I just hoped with the tickets and backstage pass that they would ask her to come. Since in those pictures they all looked like they were the best of friends and maybe they went to school together?
Yah probably did I thought when I noticed a high school graduation photo of the girl who owned the house and the girl named Yasmine. And at the bottom I noticed something engraved ‘Early College High School Graduation of 2014” then I saw another with a guy I know I have seen before….WAIT!! He’s from the band called ‘BBB!” wow they have good friends …wait what’s that at the bottom? ‘ Chelsea and Yasmine you’re the best sisters a guy could have, thanks for setting me up with my Wife- yours truly Seth V.’ Ok that’s cool. As we were about to enter the living room I heard Yasmine say something “WA wa did i do?!?!?!?!” We enter and say at the same time “thank you for letting us use you bathrooms” we all smiled. The phone started to ring before they could say anything and Chelsea got up and looked at the number.
~~~~~My Prove~~~~~
The guys came in and said thank you and stuff and the next thing I know the phone is ringing …wow….that was random… I got up and looked at the number…SHIT… why is she calling me I don’t talk to her any more, she’s a bitch. (Don’t judge me for what I am about to do) In a blind rage I picked up the phone and chunked it through the glass window. SHIT!! I meant to throw it on the floor! Oh my Gosh I don’t want to see everyone’s faces right now. I quickly walk over to the glass and stat to pick up the pieces along with the phone that was silenced when I threw it. Carrie gasped and I realized why … when I went to pick up the glass a large piece cut me right down my index finger. “Chelsea are you all right?” Carrie asked hurriedly while running over to me I didn’t look at her but said quietly “I’m ok” smiling slightly.
 “Who was that on the phone?” she asked I sighed “I will give you one guess; she’s the one person I would throw a phone through a window.” “TIFFANY!!” Yasmine shouted “Ding, ding we have a winner folks” I said. “Who’s Tiffany?” Tom asked “A bitch from hell, sent to make Chelsea’s life miserable” Carrie stated.
“Why though” Gustav asked I went back to picking up the shards of glass and didn’t pay all that much attention to the conversation. “Umm, well you see Tiffany said something about Chelsea past that she wasn’t so posed to say and that broke up their friend ship” Carrie said “Yah I never really liked Tiffany, she was mean to me in first grade” Yasmine said looking at a random book that happened to be on our book shelf. Carrie looked at me and sighed “Here Chelsea give me that glass then go and get a bandage form the medicine cabinet”.
 I got up still with my head down and walk to the kitchen were the medicine cabinet is, and got the first aid kit. And brought it back to Carrie,” come and sit so I can fix your finger” I complied and sat in front of her. I could feel eyes looking at me but I want about to look up and see who because I had a feeling who It was and he must think that I am insane or something. ”hey, Chelsea look at me!” I looked up at Carrie and I think she could see there were tears in my eyes so she left it alone. “I’m going to change… I’ve got blood all over me” I said. Carrie sighed and said” Were still going to night so don’t think a cut is going to get you out of it!”
“Somehow I knew you were going to say that” I said I left the living room and went to the elevators and chose the one to the right it pinged open and I pressed the 3 button and it took me to the 3rd floor and I pressed the C button and it took me to my room. I got off of the elevator and went to my closet and changed out of my outfit… damn it was fav. Too… oh well. I put on a pair of black walking shorts and a spaghetti strap tang top. I took my wallet out of my pants and put it in my shorts pocket. Then I pulled on some sandals, I looked at my reflection, I don’t remember being this ugly ...wait yah I do. OG this is what she wanted to make my feel insignificant... Well I wouldn’t let her make me feel like I do... I’m not 15 again I’m 21 and proud of it.
 After I changed I went to the bathroom and washed my face and re did my makeup. Ha you can go and fuck yourself tiffany for all I care! I walk to the elevator ad pushed the 1 button and it took me all the way back to the first floor.
~~~~ Mean while down stairs~~~~
I sighed I know the guys must think Chelsea is crazy… she is but this time she had a reason to act that way when she saw tiffany’s number. She has been calling Chelsea every year since she was 15 years old … just tormenting her … saying she ugly and she will never get a boy friend shit like that. I sighed again “Carrie PLEASE STOP THAT!!” Yasmine yelled ”What oh sorry, I was thinking about something” and that would be??” “Oh nothing “if it was nothing that you would not have sighed like that!” Yasmine protested.
 “What up with this Tiffany girl?” Bill asked I looked at him and smiled slightly. “She was Chelsea’s old best friend, she started to ignore Chelsea when she entered 9th grade. Because she did not have to wear a uniform like the rest of us did. And when this happened Chelsea named her MySpace name: “/ Insanity Kills tm and redid her entire MySpace and deleted most of her friends except the ones she actually talked too. Which were me, the lead guitarist of”BBB” and 3 or 5 of friends she meet over the internet”. “Wow, that girl must have been very mean” “She calls Chelsea every year on this day and tells her crap she knows will make Chelsea feel bad about herself”
“Yup and that’s another reason why I have never liked her” Yazmine stated. “Yah but the thing is, that was like 7 friends out of 142” “WOHA” said Gustav. “Yah that’s a lot, I know… Guys I don’t want you to think she is crazy … that’s why I told you all that” “We don’t think she is crazy, hey that’s a good reason to throw a phone out the window.” Tom said.
I sigh, I’m glad for that because I don’t think that Chelsea would want her favorite band to think she was coo coo. I hear the elevator bing, signaling that it was open, Chelsea’s back… she walked in wearing black walking shorts and a spaghetti strap tang top. And sandles, ok that shows she in a good mood now I thought smiling…that’s good she’s not sad anymore.”CHELSEA!!” Yazmine shouted happily “You look happy!!” “I should be, I just got a call from my oldest sister” “What’s up with Destiny?” Chelsea smiled “She gave me some really good news” Yazmine gave Chelsea an impatient look and tapped her foot “TELLLLLLLLL!!!!!” “I just loovvee antagonizing you Cat, hahahahahahah” “GAH tell mmmmeeeeeee!!!”
 “Hahaha Des had her baby an-----“Yasmine jumped up and down hyperly “OMG this means you an aunt!!........WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE!!” “Weren’t we all ready going to do that?” I asked “Yasmine I have 1 no 2 things to say to you” Yasmine stopped shouting and jumping and looked at Chelsea and won’t you believe the guys were just sitting there laughing at us….” WHAT!!!” Yasmine say with a smile “1 you are way to hyper and you are scaring me right now… and 2 yes I am an aunt” “……. NYAAAAAAA IM SOPOSED TO SCARE YOOOUUU!!” She said jumping on Chelsea… Chelsea let out a shriek and fell to the floor”Owe…. Yasmine” she growled, Yasmine squeaked and ran to the kitchen but not before Chelsea took the nearest pillow and threw it at Yasmine….she turned to the guys and said sheepishly ” really sorry you had to see that” Those two are so crazy! Oh my god I just realized something “Hey you guys wanna celebrate with us?” Please say yes… PLEASE!! And all at once they say “Yes, I mean the concert doesn’t start till next week we just got here early” YESSSSS!!!! Time for a set up… Wait what about Gustav…hmm…PERFECT!!!
” I will be right back!” I run to the hallway and dial Kara’s number “Hey Kara do you think that you will be able to get to my house by 5? She answered yes “Ok thanks” “Wait what’s the hurry?” “Were celebrating Chelsea’s b-day and she became an aunt today too!” “I WILL SO BE THERE!!!” Kars hung up and I ran into the living room “Chelsea, Kara’s coming, and I told her not to tell Tiffany” “ ok that’s cool, and thanks” “ no problem “ I said smiling I looked to the kitchen were Yazmine was still hiding and I yelled” YAZMINE McCLOUD YOU COME OUT OF THERE!!” they guys looked at me like I was crazy and Chelsea mumbled “ and I thought I was the one most like a mom” I looked at her “you are but right now I am, you will be again tonight and that’s a definite.”
 I had to smile, but rolled my eyes when Chelsea gave me a looked that clearly said …..”What?” And the guys just busted out laughing “are you ladies always like this? “Someti---“Then all of a sudden ”EVERYYYYDAAAYYYY!!!!” Yasmine screamed, Chelsea came up behind Yazmine and yelled loudly”IM GOING TO STEAL YOUR SOOOAAALLL!!!” next thing I know Yazmine crashed to the floor screaming ”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” “YESSSSS that way you can never draw or write anime or manga ever again!!!
“BWWWAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WILL STAB YOU’R LEG!!” Yasmine screams. We all burst out laughing including Chelsea and Yazmine. Then were hear the door bell scream and a person scream “CARRIE, CHELSEA, AND YAZMINE!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONGE WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!”
We all look at each other a burst out laughing. Chelsea goes to the door and screams “KARA!!” “CHELSEA!!” they both come in to the living room laughing with tears in their eyes. Kara looks at me and I get a good look at her “WOW, you dyed your hair it’s almost like Chelsea’s” Kara smiled “Long time no see” I had to smile” Hahaha defiantly! Anyway I want to introduce you to some people!” I walk her over to the guys and let them introduce them self’s Tom spoke first “I’m Tom and this is my little brother Bill and my friends Georg and Gustav” “Hello” they all say “Guys this is my self, Chelsea and Yasmine’s friend Kara”
 “Hi!” Kara said. She turned to Chelsea and Yasmine who were both looking at Yasmine’s laptop with surprised looks o heir faces. I raised my eye brow and said “What’s up with you two?” I must have caught their attention because they both turned to where we all were standing. “Ummm there is a picture of the guys running to our house and were trying to figure out when it was taken and who took it considering we’re in the middle of nowhere “ we all walk over to the computer and sure enough there was a picture of them running. “Well now what are we going to do about this?” I asked. “Hmmm well there is no picture of us leaving so I don’t know, and besides we had to use the toilet so I don’t care” Tom said “Ok so were gona leave it alone then?” “Yes” The guys said to gather.
~~~~~ Some hours later on the way to Gothic rock~~~~~
We were all in Chelsea’s car, mainly because the guy’s bus would draw way to much attention. And the car was a good fit, 8 people could ride in it. So that good, well here we are driving to the club. Chelsea looks amazing and she thought that she wouldn’t look good shame on her. Blue looks better, but red is fine.
 I think bills jaw dropped a little when he saw her. Hahaha I her wedding bells- well it too soon for that. Chelsea pulls up into the drive way of the club and opens the driver’s door. “I’m the des. Driver so I won’t be drinking so you guys drink plenty of stuff for me” I think we all agreed to that “Fine with us” we all said. We get out of the car and walk up to the door and show our ides. We walk over to one of the booths that are in the corner and sit down. The waiter comes up to us” what will it be?” We all look at the menu and say “we’ll all have a Bloody Morgan on the rocks”” I will have Saki” Yazmine said. “Not me, I’ll have a virgin margarita” Chelsea replied swiftly “Ok I’ll be back with your drinks in a moment” the waiter leaves and we all look at each other. The song changed to Mr. Bright Side by The Killers a few minutes later the waiter came back with our orders. Every one took a drink… I have a feeling that were all going to be very drunk in a few hours but hey it’s a celebration so were going to get real good and drunk.
~~~~~My prove~~~~~
OMG!!! These people are fucking CRAZYYYY!!!! The minute we walked in here I knew they were gona get way drunk I hope they don’t regret anything they do tonight, tomorrow because I don’t want to be blamed…….what in the world! Oh wow… Yazmine is with Tom on the dance floor and they are …….. KISSING!! WOW!! YAZMINE UNDER NO CERCOMSTANCE WOULD BE KISSING SOMEONE THIS SOON!!! Then again she is drunk so there is no telling what she would not do yah that’s Yaz for you. I looked to my left and saw bill getting up from his bar stool……..i don’t think staggering is a welcomed sign!!......” hey bill!” “CCCCHELLSEAA….HAVE II TOLD YOUU HOW*hic* BEUSTIFUL YOU ARE!!OR HOW MUCH I LOOOVVEEE YOOOUUUUUUU!!!”
Ok yup he’s drunk the others probably are too. I turn and look at Kara and Gustav and see that they are sluggishly making their way back to our booth and behind them comes others wow make me glad I didn’t drink any alcohol

“ Hey guys you ready to leave?” “Sure? Why not” Yasmine relied I smiled I had to it was so cute how everybody was hanging off of each other. I signal the waiter and ask for the bill hahaha get it BILL juju:]I noticed the price of the bill and thanked the god’s of Rock music that it was well within my budget. I turn to everyone to find that they are all kissing and making out except for bill poor bill no action for bill!! Umm I think I will let them be until they decide to stop. By then there will be no ending and inside I was thinking ARE THEY EVEN BREATHING!!!!!!!!
Well getting on I let them go at it for a little while longer and then I finally spoke up “ umm guys why don’t you finish this at home??” they all looked at me with red eyes yup that does it “OK GUYS, Lets go home ok?”
I half carry everyone and place them in the car and while I am doing this I start to think to myself how did everything go this far? I have a feeling that all of them are going to regret everything that did tonight… I wish I was evil enough to take black mail pictures…not of the guys though just the girls hahaha that would be funny:}
I pull into the drive way and help everybody get out and up the steps luckily no one fell because that would have been very pain full *winces at the thought* I get everyone out of their clubbing cloths …except the guys(Me: that would be so wrong so you just change the girls). After I get everyone ready and into bed I take a strong sleeping pill and go to the elevator and press the necessary buttons I looked at the bright blue numbers and letters and with a true smile thought I wonder what tomorrow will bring.
I get out of the elevator and climb into my bed and fall instantly asleep but not before I hear the sound of someone else climbing in after me.

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