Bare Feet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A lifetime of feet.

Submitted: February 02, 2012

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Submitted: February 02, 2012




1: female, child, always happy

2: male, child

3: female, mother

4: male, teen

5: female, teen

6: female, old lady

7: male, old man

8: male, father

Narrator: not gender specific, always speaking directly to the audience

Cast: black pants, white shirts, bare feet, when they exit they leave their shoes behind


[Stage empty. Shoes lined up stage left: hiking boots, ballet flats, running shoes, high heels, flip flops, girls slippers, mens tasseled dress shoes, flippers] 


[Enter narrator stage right]

Narrator: We are here. We come and go. Watch our dance. [exit stage right]

[Enter 1 stage right, puts on flip flops, skips across stage, carrying a basket of flowers, hums... Pause... 2 enters stage left, puts on flippers]

1: Hi Fredrick!

2: Hey!

1: You wanna help me make a daisy chain?

2: No, I’m gonna go play in the sprinklers!

[1 shrugs, 2 exits slowly stage right... Pause 1 is finishing a daisy chain... 1 gets up and skips off stage right]

[Narrator enters stage right]

Narrator: Child’s play. Beauty in its truest form. [exit stage right]

[1 and 3 enter, 1 from right, 3 from left, 1 puts on flip flops, 3 puts on heels, cooking] 

1: Mommy guess what I did at school today?

3: [sighs] what honey?

1: Well I learned how to make a daisy chain! Look! And Miranda almost ate a bug and... [volume dies, Narrator enters stage right, keeps walking, exits stage left]

1: and THEN-

3: Go upstairs and play, I’m busy

1: Okay! [skips offstage left]

3: [smiles and shakes head] I don’t know where she gets her energy from! 

[exits, 4 and 5 enter stage left, 4 puts on running shoes, 5, ballet flats]

4: Hey Clara!

5: Hello! How did your guyses game go yesterday?

4: We lost. It was a close game though... [volume dies, Narrator enters stage left]

Narrator: Did you know that I used to have a pair of shoes too? [forced smile, pause, exit stage right]

5: Well we better get to class.

4: Ok! See ya later! [Exeunt stage right]

[6 and 7 enter stage left, 6 puts on slippers, 7 puts on dress shoes, both sit on level change eating, silence]

6: Can you please pass the corn? [7 passes over a bowl]... Thank you [long pause]

7: Its very good, thank you [6 smiles and nods her head... Narrator enters stage right]

Narrator: She misses her heels [exits stage right]

[Pause. 6 and 7 start to exit carrying plates]

7: Here, let me take that. [takes plate, they exit stage right... Narrator enters stage right]

Narrator: They’ve been together a long time. [smiles and shakes head] Love is so strange. This is their last pair of shoes. [Exits stage right. 8 enters stage left puts on hiking boots]

8: [frantically] Frederick! Where are you?

[2 enters stage right, puts on running shoes]

2: I’m here!

8: Where were you?

2: I was just... [volume dies, enter narrator stage right]

Narrator: Did you notice? He changed shoes. He liked the other ones better, but these ones gained approval. [Exit stage right]

8: Well don’t run off again, ok? You had me worried.

1: Mk dad, sorry.

8: Let’s go [Exeunt stage right...Narrator enters stage right]

Narrator: We are here. We come and go. We live and die. We fill our shoes and wear them until they no longer fit.

[Narrator starts to exit stage left, stops, picks up flip-flops (only shoes remaining on the left)]

Narrator: [smiles] She almost left them behind. [Exit]

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