As Razor Sharp White Teeth Rip Out Our Necks

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When two vampire slayers go on a hunt, they get more than they bargained for. Inspired by the song "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" by My Chemical Romance.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



Xavier turned to the woman next to him on the hill overlooking a low building. She had a slight smile that bared her teeth, almost like a snarl. He knew she was looking forward to today’s hunt, but he had a horrible feeling that things would go terribly wrong. But there was no need to mention it to her. He knew she would simply laugh it off.

“So this is definitely where they’re hiding, then?” the woman asked.

“Yes, there’s no doubt now. Frank said he saw them leave last night,” he replied.

“It’ll be light-proofed, I expect,” the woman said.

Xavier nodded. “Probably.”

“You know what that means, don’t you?” Before he could respond, she continued. “It means they could be awake at any time. There’s no guarantee they’ll be sleeping when we go in. We have to be careful.”

Xavier smiled. “Lux, this isn’t my first purge. I know they could be awake. But it’s not likely. They have to sleep sometime, you know.”

“But,” she said as if she hadn’t heard him, “careful doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun.” The small smile turned into a grin, and excitement glinted in her eyes.

Xavier couldn’t help but grin back. “No, it doesn’t. This is definitely gonna be a fun one.”

“Why?” she asked. “Do you know something I don’t?”

“Well,” he said, drawing out the word, “some of the intel indicates….”

“Yes?” Lux prompted impatiently.

“It would seem to indicate that this lair contains a Master.”

“A Master? No shit? Oh, Xavier, we haven’t gotten to take on a Master in so long!” Lux exclaimed, positively ecstatic.

“But Lux, remember: with a Master around, there are bound to be more thralls. It may take us some time to get past them. I don’t want to kill them if we can help it. Once their masters are dead they’ll be free and no harm to us.”

“This isn’t my first purge either, Xavier. I won’t hurt the thralls. Unless they give me no choice.”

“We’re going to try and make sure that doesn’t happen, though. We’ll sneak in, kill the vampires, and walk right out.”

“And why didn’t you tell me any of this before?” Lux asked, her eyebrow raised.

“We didn’t know until Frank got back at six this morning. We hadn’t seen anything about a Master, and then Frank comes home and says there’s definitely a Master in there, and he looks powerful.”

“And we’re still going through with this today? We aren’t postponing it?”

“We can’t postpone it. Five people have gone missing from this area in the past two days alone. If we wait, who knows how many it’ll be by the time we finally go after them? And the more we allow them to feed, the more powerful they’ll get.”

Lux nodded. “You’re right. We have to stop them now. While we still can.”

The feeling of dread in Xavier’s gut intensified. But all of the reasons he had given Lux were true. They had to do the purge now, before it was too late. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was already too late.

“So, are we gonna go, or are we just gonna sit here all afternoon and let them find us when it gets dark?” said Lux. “Come on, let’s get going!”

“Lux, wait.”

She stopped midstride. “What is it?”

“Look, you know what you have to do, right? If… if things go bad?”

Just as Xavier had predicted, she laughed. “What are you talking about? Xavier, how long have we been doing this? We’ll be fine!”

“Lux, just promise me. If they get me, promise me you’ll put one of your stakes through my heart.”

She shifted the backpack containing her wooden stakes as if the thought of carrying them now made her uncomfortable. “Xavier, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry. This is a routine purge, just like any other. We’ve got backup just waiting for us to call them.”

He grabbed her arms. “Promise me, Lux. Promise me.”

Very slowly, she nodded. “I promise. If they get you, which won’t happen, I’ll stake you.”

Xavier relaxed and let go of her arms. “Thank you. Thank you.”

Together they walked down the hill, careful to stay out of sight of two barely visible figures standing in the shadow of the doorway to the building. As they got closer, they saw that the figures were extremely thin and pale. One was a woman and the other a man. It was evident that they were both trying to appear casual, but the façade was broken when they both jumped as a squirrel ran across the untrimmed grass in front of the building.

“Two on this side. You think two on the back door?” Lux murmured.

“That’s what Frank said,” Xavier muttered back.

“Roof entrance?”

“That’s where we’re headed.”

They moved around to the side of the building, giving it a wide berth to be sure they weren’t seen by the sentry thralls. Xavier scanned the brick wall for a likely spot, adjusted his backpack, and started to climb.

Four years of training allowed him to find perfect hand and footholds in the spaces between bricks. He didn’t slip once as he climbed. Reaching the top, he pulled himself onto the roof.

As he was getting to his feet, something struck him over the head. He collapsed, his vision swimming in and out of focus. Of course. It had been foolish to assume that the roof would be unguarded. He had to warn Lux before she reached the top.

He tried to push himself up, but a foot planted itself on his back and slammed him back down. He felt someone turning him over and looked up into the emaciated face of a thrall. He had obviously served the vampires for a long time. Xavier knew that if someone was a thrall for too long, he too would die when his master was killed. Therefore he felt no shame for what he was about to do. He reached into his waistband and pulled out a gun, firing it into the thrall’s head.

Lux appeared over him and helped him up. “What happened?” she asked.

“He was waiting when I got here. He would have died anyway when his master was killed, he’s an old one.”

Lux nodded. She understood that sometimes there was no choice. “Can you keep going?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “But we need to hurry. My gun’s silenced, but I’m sure the guards still heard it.”

At that exact moment, a trapdoor at the other end of the roof opened. Thralls poured out, too many to count. Lux drew her gun, and she and Xavier stood together and fired at the approaching thralls. No matter how many they killed, more just kept coming. Some of the thralls kept coming after receiving what must have been painful wounds, and Xavier realized that their masters must have commanded them to repel the attackers at all costs. They could feel pain, but their orders prevented them from reacting to it.

Soon the two slayers were surrounded. A thrall managed to graze Xavier with a knife. He hissed out a breath and glanced down at the wound. It wasn’t deep, but the blood would be sure to attract the vampires to him.

A few minutes later the crowd was much thinner. Lux and Xavier were surrounded by the dead bodies of thralls, which made it harder for the live ones to get close. However, the two were already covered in numerous cuts and bruises, most of which were received when they stopped to reload.

Finally the thralls stopped coming. Xavier turned around in a circle to survey the destruction. The roof was littered with bodies and painted red in blood. He felt a pang of remorse. How many of those thralls had had lives and families before they were bitten and forced into servitude by the vampires?

Suddenly he realised something. There were too many bodies. Surely some of the thralls had stayed inside to watch over the sleeping vampires. Xavier looked at Lux to see if she had noticed the same thing, but she was already striding to the open trapdoor. She stopped a few feet away and lay on her stomach to look down into the building.

Xavier walked over to her and she stood up, dusting herself off. “Well, that room seems clear. I doubt they sleep on that floor. I’m sure there’s a basement.”

Xavier checked for himself. The room appeared completely deserted. After reloading his gun, he lowered himself into the room below. Lux followed seconds later. He was in a small room filled with boxes. He moved to the doorway and pointed his gun down both directions of the hallway.

“Clear,” he called quietly back to Lux.

The blueprints had shown a basement entrance down the hall to the left. He started off in that direction, with Lux protecting his back. He encountered no one the whole way to the stairs, which troubled him. As he passed a window he realized it was late afternoon. They were running out of time.

Finally he reached a door marked “Basement.” He stood in front of the door with his gun at the ready as Lux pulled it open. A crazed thrall came rushing out and Xavier fired a bullet into her brain.

“Think there’s any chance everybody in the basement didn’t hear that?” he said.

Lux snorted. “Not likely. Let’s keep moving, shall we?”

The basement was extremely dark. They moved slowly down the stairs, keeping their eyes open for darker shadows against the blackness of the room, but no one appeared. By the time they reached the bottom of the stairs, Xavier’s eyes had adjusted to the gloom. Like the ones upstairs, the room was filled with boxes.

“Where?” Lux started, but Xavier silenced her with a gesture. He pointed at the other side of the room, where there was a faintly visible closed metal door.

The door looked soundproof. It was possible the vampires within hadn’t even heard the gunfire right over their heads. Xavier slowly advanced to the door. In the heat of battle his strange dread had disappeared, but since they had entered the building it had returned in full force. It intensified as the doorknob turned easily beneath his hand.

He’d fully expected it to be locked. Before he completely opened the door he reached around to his backpack and pulled a stake out. He saw Lux mirror him. Pulling the door open, he saw an incredible sight, one which made the experienced slayer pale with fear.

At least thirty vampires hung in various places around the huge room, which was faintly lit by flickering candlelight. It was impossible to truly count, as the light caused wavering shadows to appear all over the room. They were, amazingly, still asleep. He saw the Master vampire near the back of the room. As Lux moved away to call for backup, Xavier stepped forward into the room – and tripped. He looked back and saw that a thrall had been sleeping on a bedroll right in front of the door. The thrall jumped up and shouted.

Xavier sprang to his feet and slammed the thrall’s head against the wall, but the damage was done. All around the room, vampires were stirring. Xavier had purged large nests before – or he thought he had. But nothing compared to the sight of this brood waking and discovering an intruder in the middle of their lair.

The air was filled with angry hisses, which echoed across the room. Then he saw the Master rising. What with the flickering shadows, it almost looked like there were two Masters in the back of the room. But no, that was impossible. With a single gesture the Master extinguished all the candles. Xavier heard the door swing shut behind him.

It was pitch black in the room, and with hisses still echoing all around it was impossible to tell how close the vampires were. But suddenly Xavier felt a rush of air and he stabbed with the stake, feeling it sink into flesh. The vampire uttered a terrible scream, which joined the hisses echoing across the room.

All of a sudden there was nothing on his stake. The vampire had turned to dust. It seemed he had rightly guessed at the location of the vampire’s heart. But he knew he couldn’t count on doing it again. He dropped his gun and reached into his backpack for his flashlight. He turned it on and pointed it ahead.

The vampires screeched as the bright light poured into the room. It sounded like a hundred fingernails being scraped against a blackboard. Suddenly all the vampires sprang into motion. Xavier swung the light around to find a vampire two feet from him, reaching for his throat with bone white hands. Xavier thrusted the stake into the vampire’s chest, where it snapped in two.

The vampire wailed like a wounded animal and exploded into dust. Another vampire leapt at Xavier, who was now left momentarily weaponless. As the vampire closed its fingers around Xavier’s throat, it stopped and gasped. It then screamed and coughed warm blood onto Xavier’s face. He looked down and saw the point of a stake protruding from its chest just before it disintegrated.

Xavier couldn’t help but breathe a bit of the dust, and he started coughing. It overwhelmed him, and he had to bend over with his hands on his knees. Through watering eyes he saw a shape move across the beam of his shaking flashlight. He tried to reach for a stake from his backpack but couldn’t. Suddenly the light from his flashlight was blocked out by another cloud of dust.

The coughing subsided and Xavier pulled a stake out of his backpack. He turned around at a noise behind him, but there was no one there. He quickly turned back. A vampire was standing right in front of him. The vampire lunged, but Xavier was faster. He plunged the stake into the vampire’s heart.

After a long moan the vampire exploded into dust. A gunshot rang out, and Xavier saw that Lux was surrounded by six or seven thralls. After making sure she could handle it, he turned back to the vampires. Three of them were advancing toward him. Far behind them he could see the Master. That was his true goal: if he could kill the Master, all of the rest would be easier to defeat.

He fought through the crowd, stabbing to his left and right. Twice he broke a stake. Finally he reached the Master. He raised his stake to kill it, but faster than Xavier’s eye could follow, it lunged. It knocked him to the ground. Xavier felt his head crack against the concrete floor and the breath whoosh out of him and the stake went flying out of his hand. The flashlight in his other hand hit the ground and went out.

Xavier knew that he was about to die in the cold, dark room beneath an abandoned building. He just hoped he truly would die, so that his soul would be safe. Suddenly another light shone on him. Lux stood above him. She raised her stake and plunged it into the vampire Master’s back. As she pulled the stake out, the Master drew a long shuddering breath. A whistling breath.

Realisation broke over Xavier’s face. “Lux, get back!” he yelled.

He jumped to his feet just as the Master clambered to its own. Xavier prepared to stake it, but another vampire lunged at him, and soon he was surrounded. He couldn’t even see Lux anymore. Xavier tried to fight off the vampires, but he was slightly dizzy and his movements sluggish. He managed to kill a couple before one finally grabbed him and threw him against the wall.

As he lay on the ground, disoriented, the vampire slinked toward him, like a cat who knows its prey cannot escape. It picked him up by the shirt, and then it put its face against his neck and sniffed. A low growl came from it. As it sank its fangs into Xavier’s throat, the door flew open and a searchlight flooded the room. The slayer backup was here.

The sudden disturbance caused the vampire feeding from Xavier to jerk its head around, which tore the skin of his neck, increasing the bleeding. The vampire seemed to decide the new slayers were no threat and returned to feeding from Xavier, who felt himself growing weaker and weaker.... His vision was drifting out of focus....

As the room grew steadily dimmer around him, Xavier wondered why the vampire wasn’t worried about the slayers. Then the vampire waved its hand and sent an approaching rookie slayer flying. Only one kind of vampire had that power: a Master. But wasn’t the Master across the room? And hadn’t it looked different? Xavier realized there must be two... but he wasn’t in the mood to care....

He was surprised in a detached sort of way to find that his throat wasn’t in pain. It was really quite numb. But suddenly the Master removed its fangs from Xavier and let him fall to the ground. The world spun around him as he watched the vampire attack a dark figure across the room.... They fought for a moment, then the Master fled out the door. For a moment Xavier wondered where it was planning to go, but then he realized it must be night by now.... His throat really hurt now....

The dark figure who had fought the Master was approaching him. She stopped in front of him and bent down. She seemed to be talking, but he couldn’t understand her.

“Xavier? Xavier, what’s wrong, did you hit your head?” he heard very distantly.

He tried to answer but found he couldn’t make his voice work. All he succeeded in doing was rolling his head so that his throat was exposed.

The figure gasped and backed away. “Xavier!” she screamed, but it sounded as though they were on opposite sides of a football field.

He felt his eyelids slip closed, vaguely aware that someone was sobbing. The last he saw, one group of dark figures was chasing another out of the room, but he had no clue which was which.... And still he heard sobbing.

“We have to go back!” Lux cried. Her face was streaked with tears.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but we can’t. And there’s no way to save him now,” Frank said.

“He made me promise. He... he knew things were gonna go bad. Before we went in he made me promise that if they got him, I’d kill him rather than let him turn. We have to go back!”

“If you want to take on twenty vampires with only seven slayers, then you go right on ahead! But you can count me out of your little suicide mission!”

Lux started to reply, but the van they were travelling in hit a large bump in the road and she fell out of her seat. As she picked herself up off the floor, she wondered exactly how long it took a person to turn. She asked Frank, who gave her a look.

“About a day. Which isn’t long enough for us to prepare for another attack on this place. Tonight’s mission was a fiasco. They’re not going to send us back there anytime soon. I’m sorry. He’s gone.”

Lux nodded, but she was already planning how to slip away from everyone the next day and return to the lair.

The first thing Xavier became aware of was an intense pain radiating from his neck. He opened his eyes, but it made no difference: he was submerged in complete darkness. After only a few seconds, however, his eyes completely adjusted. He was lying on the floor in a large room, with people hanging upside down from the ceiling. What was going on?

Then the memories surged back. The attack. The Masters. And.... Xavier’s hand flew to his neck. To his immense relief, he felt only smooth skin. So why did it hurt so much? But wait... His hand slid over two small scars. His breath caught in his throat. Was he a thrall? Or worse? Surely he would be able to tell if he were dead, so he must be the thrall of the second Master. Just to make sure, he held his breath, trying to catch the sound of his heartbeat, which should be easily audible after the panic he felt.

He heard only silence. He waited and waited, but heard nothing. Finally he breathed, but it brought him no relief. It was unnecessary. He no longer needed oxygen. He was truly dead. A vampire. The very thing he had dedicated his life to eradicating. If he’d had a living heart it would be racing. But contrarily, he felt himself growing sleepy....

Xavier realized it must have been daytime. He was now a creature of the night. Misery engulfed him. Lux had promised. She had promised not to let it come to this. But it had. A keening wail split the air. It died into sobs, and only then did Xavier discover that it was coming from himself. For what seemed like hours, Xavier continued sobbing. Finally, exhaustion overcame him, and he drifted off to sleep.

Lux was certain the others had been ordered not to let her off on her own. Everywhere she went, someone followed under the pretence of offering condolences or making friendly conversation. It seemed she’d have to wait until night came to return to the lair. It didn’t matter. Either way, she was going to fulfil her promise to Xavier. Even if she herself had to die in the process.

Xavier next awoke amongst a crowd. They were all watching him carefully. He looked around and realized he was in the same room as before. The candles had been relit. The pain in his neck was gone. He slowly struggled to his feet and saw the crowd of vampires grow alert.

One cautiously approached him. It was a male, probably in his thirties when he was turned. Xavier instinctively tried to back away but hit the wall. The vampires snickered. The one closest to Xavier opened his mouth to speak, but a loud bang cut him off.

They all turned. The door at the other end of the room was hanging open.

Getting back into the building had been easy enough once Lux reached it. She doubted whether the vampires had any thralls left after last night. The ground floor was empty, as was the first room in the basement. She walked to the metal door and took a deep breath. Steeling herself for an attack, she threw the door open.

Xavier couldn’t believe his eyes. She’d come back. He’d never been so grateful to see her in his life. She could end this, once and for all. Suddenly, fresh air drifted past her into the room. It carried her scent with it. She was all he could see. He saw a vein pulsing in her neck. He had to have her. The blood was irresistible.

In the dim light Lux could barely make out Xavier standing at the other end of the room. He seemed limp with relief, but then he bared razor-sharp fangs. And Lux realised she was the only living creature in a room full of vampires.

Xavier saw fear break over Lux’s face. What was he thinking? He couldn’t kill her. But the blood.... Without warning, she sprinted into the room. She made it halfway across the room before anyone moved to stop her. As the vampires scrambled to attack her, Xavier simply stood still, wracked with uncertainty.

Lux was soon hidden behind the mass of vampires that had responded to her entrance. After a split second’s hesitation, Xavier sprang forward, attacking vampires with his hands and teeth. He fought his way through to Lux, who handed him a stake. The combination of the confusion of battle and proximity made him thirst even more for her blood. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out.

Suddenly he saw a vampire get past Lux’s guard. She hadn’t noticed it yet, but it would be within striking distance soon. Xavier threw himself at it, knocking it to the ground. They tore at each other’s throats, each trying to get a hold on the other. The two rolled back and forth on the floor, until Xavier felt something wet splash onto his back.

He screamed as his back burned. He turned over and saw Lux standing over him, a vial of holy water clutched in her hands. Then the other vampire was blocking his vision, and the struggle continued. Xavier managed to get the other vampire under him and prepared to dive at his foe’s throat. Before he could, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. The vampire under him screeched.

Looking down, Xavier saw a wooden stake sticking out of his chest and pinning him to the vampire underneath him. With a wet squelch, the stake was pulled out. He was rolled off of the vampire and onto his back. Lux stood over him, tears streaming down her face.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she whispered. She leaned down and kissed his forehead.

Xavier grabbed her by the shirt and choked out, “I’ll never let them hurt you. I promise.”

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