Difference Between Life and Death

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This story is based around my friend who passed away 5 years ago, she loved My Chemical Romance just like me and i thought id write a story about her, and of where i hope she is now. I miss her everyday and she will never be forgotten.

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



Kirsty’s body went cold. Her grip was there no more. The life support machine went dead. Kirsty’s body started shaking, her life was flashing before her, she saw the happy days of her childhood, her junior years and finally her teenage years, which weren’t extremely the best days of her life.
Her family surrounded Kirsty’s cold lifeless body. Tears were flowing down their cheeks like a never ending river. Kirsty’s mother wouldn’t let go of her daughter. The colour in Kirsty’s face got paler and paler.
“You need to leave now Mrs. Kite.” Said a nurse walking into Kirsty’s private room. The walls covered in posters of her favorite bands.
“OK.” Her mother said as she kissed her daughter goodbye and walked out. Before she went, she turned to the nurse.
“Thanks for looking after her.”
“Its ok.” The nurse replied as Mrs. Kite walked of in floods of tears, hugging her other daughter Crystal. They all walked out into the horizon, all joining arms. The nurse in Kirsty’s room started to take down all the posters that filled her little room. She unclipped the life support machine and rolled it away, out of her room, leaving Kirsty’s lifeless body lying there peacefully.
The Kite family finally made it home; it was about an hour and a half drive from the hospital where Kirsty lay.
“Mummy, isn’t Kirsty coming home yet?” Her youngest son asked.
“No baby, go to bed, I bet you’re tired.” Mrs. Kite said as she took him upstairs and put him to bed.
“Goodnight Johnny.” She said to her son.
“Goodnight mummy.” He replied as he hid under his duvet.
Mrs. Kite has 5 children. Only 3 live with her though. It takes her ages to get them to bed. Johnny was the last one to go to bed. After she left Johnny’s bedroom she went into Kirsty’s room. Even her walls at home were covered in posters of bands and actors. Also pictures of herself at concerts, with her friends and with her family. Every single one of the pictures tells a story. Her mother sat on Kirsty’s bed, holding a letter which Kirsty had wrote just a couple of days before she passed away. Mrs. Kite opened up the letter and read it over in her head.

Mum, Johnny, Crystal, Howard, Sapphire

Well, life is running away from me. I didn’t mean any of this to happen. But after I’ve gone carry on the same, as if I was still there. I will still be there with you. You see, the difference between life and death is – nothing. I will be living a new and different life. I will be all your guardian angels. Tell Johnny he can have my guitar, but make him look after it. Tell Crystal that I’m proud of her for getting into the athletics team, she’ll do great. Howard, well tell him not to worry what people say about him or his partner Tony. Also if they have a civil ceremony tell him not to dance, you know what happened last time. Lastly tell Sapphire that I’m really sorry that I won’t make it to her wedding. I’m really upset that I can’t be her maid of honor. Mum, you know I love you. But I’ll still be very much alive, everywhere you go and look.
Yours faithfully
Your guardian angel

Mrs. Kite’s tears spotted the page. How could she tell Johnny that he’s never going to see his sister again? What would life be like without Kirsty, her smile lit up the room. Never a frown on her beautiful pale face. Her long black hair tinted with red highlights, fringe covering her eyes. She had beautiful piercing blue eyes. Mrs. Kite couldn’t believe that something like this could happen to her little girl, even though she is 18, she was too young to die.
Mrs. Kite finally left Kirsty’s room and made her way to bed. She wouldn’t get any sleep though.
“Mummy.” Shouted Johnny at 6 o clock in the morning.
Mrs. Kite heard him because she was awake still. She got out of bed, still fully clothed and made her way into Johnny’s room.
“What’s up darling?” She said as she sat down on his bed looking extremely tired.
“Mummy, Kirsty, She’s died.”
“What do you mean Hun?” Mrs. Kite said putting her arm around Johnny.
“I had a nightmare. She was lying in a hospital bed and a thing kept beeping, then she started shaking.” He said looking at his mum, tears in his eyes. He may be young but he isn’t dumb.
“Johnny, Kirsty was very ill. They couldn’t do anything for her.”
“So, she’s dead.” Johnny asked.
Mrs. Kite couldn’t reply, she just nodded. Johnny burst into tears. He reached out to his mum and she embraced him in a hug. Mrs. Kite tried to hold the tears back, for Johnny.
“I want to see her mummy.” He said as he pulled away from his mum.
Mrs. Kite didn’t know what to do. Should she let him see Kirsty? Is he too young? All these questions swimming around in her head.
“Ok.” She said as she got up of his bed and walked out of the room. She walked down the stairs to the kitchen to make breakfast before they left to go to the hospital again, this time everyone of Kirsty’s brothers and sisters were going. They all had breakfast. Well Johnny, mum and crystal did. Howard and Sapphire were making there own way to the hospital.
“In the car now!” Shouted Mrs. Kite trying to sort everything out. Johnny and Crystal ran out to the car, Mrs. Kite followed closely behind them.
It took them 2 hours to get to the hospital because of roadworks. When they got there, Howard and sapphire were already there.
“Mrs. Kite, please could I speak to you.” A doctor said to her as soon as she’d got through the door.

“Ok, Kids go through to see Kirsty, Sapphire look after Johnny.” She said as she followed the doctor to his room.
“Sit down.” He said as he pointed to a chair. Silence filled the room. The doctor looked like he was trying to think of what to say.
“So what did you want?” She said in a rushed voice, wanting to get of and see Kirsty.
“Well this might shock you.” He said in a disturbing tone.

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