Know When To Let Go

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Sometimes you need to know when to let go. Sometimes, a situation or person has served it's purpose in your life and you need to realize that you have to let it go. You can't have a death grip on things that are not meant to be. So how is it you know? Some of the basic signs are covered in this article.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



In life we are subjected to a wide variety of experiences, and this is a known fact to evveryone. What is not known as 'fact' is: Who what when where or why these experiences happen, and who knows what the experiences will bring.

The truth is, everyone has a problem letting something go. Whether it be a bad, or good situation we all have a person, past event, past emotion, idea, belief, or opinions that we can not let go of. In some cases, it is true that you have to battle out the tough times because it is not over. Other times you have to accept that you have done everything you can, but you cannot control what is, and what is not meant to be. 

If what you are stuck on is crippling you now from moving on or growing properly? It is time to let go, because you have a life you have to live . . . and it has to be without what is holding you back.

If for example you are faced with a situation regarding a loved one, this is an incredibly delicate matter. You have to know whether or not more effort is needed, or if the relationship has run it's course and needs to be ended on good terms. You can especially tell if a relationship is past its expiary date if anger and hostility seems to be the only thing occuring between the two of you. However, it is best to gently distance yourself from the person before this occurs so that there are no negative feelings following you behind about memories with regards to a once meaningful friendship/relationship.


If however some effort is made by both people? You know there is still something good there. Another instance is if you are still capable of having a good time, and it is still feeling right. You can't control someone elses emotions or how they deal with problems. You can inform them of how you are feeling and of how you handle problems, but beyond that, that's all. Give it your best effort, but at the end of the day you have to think of how that person is going to react to you and think: Is it worth it? Is there a point to this relationship anymore beyond sentimentality? If not you probably have reached your answer. It takes guts and personal strength/ confidence, but it is the right thing to do if you want to keep healthy relationships in your life and a lot less drama. 


When it comes to situations they are similar to people in that; if a situation provides only negative experiences, and not only does it not help you in your life but it also prevents you from moving on in some regard? It is time to leave it. You have to remember that life is short, and though this is no excuse to cut out all negative experiences (Because those experiences do educate us and have a purpose), you cannot let something stop you from living your life to the fullest, happiest, or let it hurt you excessively when there is absolutely no gain. Once again this process/realization is not easy and requires a lot of gumption from you, but what you choose to do is entirely within your contorl. I also realize that some situations are much more complicated, but truth is is that there are alternative choices you can make. You can get out of things if you want to . . . it requires work and it may not be easy, but once again; life is too short.


I realize that there are people and situations that are not so black and white, but for the most part you can feel what the right choice is. Unfortunately, making the right choice is not always easy.

There are some people that I am sure everyone has come across that only seem to complain about their lives no matter what. They always seem to be stuck in a situation, and they just talk and talk and talk about it, and do not leave. Generally? These people ahve being doing that kind of thing their entire lives. The problem is sometimes we cannot say this to them because it is too delicate a matter. This here is not directed towards anyone specifically, but is offered for thought. Sometimes people think just because a relationship or situation didn't work out that it was because they chose to let go, and sometimes this is true, but other times there really was no other choice and it had to be done. You have to realize when life is moving on that some situations and or people should not be part of yours anymore. Some people have bad luck with it, or realize that things could have been handled very differently regardless though it was just the way life was meant to work out.


When it comes to ideas or thoughts, this in extreme cases can hinder someones ability to move foreward in life, and in other cases simply prohibit others from understanding different sides of life. It is amazing how some people won't surrender their beliefs or opinions even when all the facts are stacked against them. I understand once again there are gray areas with this, but for the most part you have to be willing to accept and admit you were wrong, or that something may not be exactly as you thought. You prohibit yourself in life the more you do it when it comes to things such as: Your opinion on an individual, habit, behaviour, or opinion.

Sometimes it isn't even a matter of changing your beliefs, thoughts or ideas, but instead you just need to be able to see the other side to gain more understanding of other people, and maybe some more about what you think/feel.


A simple analogy for this entire topic would be, for new hair to grow other hair has to die and be shed. This is strange I realize, but think how odd it would be if you did not shed, or were incapable of growing hair. Your hair most likely would look terrible and it would not be very healthy. There are some constant variables in life, but the amount of things that are meant to change far outnumbers the amount of things that remain stagnant and are supposed to stay the same.  



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