Man and the Mask

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The moment she realized what it was she wanted.

Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



Samantha chuckled under her breath as she stepped away from the break room, and into the empty hallway of the community center. She could hear Oliver opening and closing the cupboards trying to find his favorite coffee mug, she had hidden it in the dishwasher as revenge for annoying her the entire morning.


Samantha wasn’t blind, she knew that there was more to Oliver than his façade of constant jokes and humor. She knew there was something more to him under every waggle of his eyebrows- and over the few months she had known him she came to realize that she might have more to do with his transformation than anything.


It was at this moment she stopped her travel away from the break room and thought back to all of the moments he had shown her what he was capable of, rather than telling her.


She remembered how he suddenly was volunteering after he finished work for the day. He could be found helping to set up sports equipment for the after school children, or helping new members find the classroom they were looking for at the front desk in his expensive suit, that never seemed to have a tie.


Despite a constant stream of meek complaints and bad jokes on how “No wonder community centers have a bad name if you don’t pay your most helpful employees”. Samantha had rolled her eyes and been annoyed, until she saw him later sitting amongst a group of elderly gentlemen laughing and making smart ass comments together. That was the time she realized despite his complaints, he had come to secretly enjoy his time there.

Children still weren’t his strong suit, but he no longer grimaced when they entered the room at the very least.


Samantha had met him when he had come in to the gym looking for a teenager who had scratched his car… He had apparently hunted him down to that location and after meeting Samantha, found himself around the building far more often than anyone had initially wanted.


Samantha was the program director, and knew the teenager was part of their outreach program. Therefore, she saw to it that he received a fair punishment, while at the same time warding off the snobbery and come ons of Oliver.


Yeup. That was Oliver Elgerton. A man as pretentious as his name.


Samantha turned around to look at the break room once more, feeling her heart begin to skip a beat.


He had been there for her when her brother had gone into the hospital after his car accident. He had shown up after his volunteer shift with a cup of coffee and a scathing remark on how all hospitals seemed like psyche wards to him with their abysmal atmosphere. Samantha quickly shushed him as a nurse covered in what looked like both vomit and blood exited a nearby room and glowered at him over her spectacles.


But he was there. He sat with her, and for whatever reason she told him about how her brother helped her learn to read when she was told she had dyslexia and felt stupid for not being able to keep up in class.

He listened and when she finished, he had reassured her that her brother would be fine, and so would she.


Samantha took another step back towards the staff room as she remembered him appearing at all of her brother’s physiotherapy appointments, and once again offering smart ass comments and a charming smile. Her brother, initially was weirded out but the constant presence of the man, but quickly saw what it was that drove him.

Author's Note: This is a very rough brief window into a story I thought of. Hope you enjoy.



When she was angry after her boss informed her of the community center cutbacks, he took her out drinking. He didn’t attempt to hit on her, only listened while making the same dry comments as usual. In fact when she tried to kiss him he pulled away. He had pulled away, and for the first time ever, Samantha had seen it. Every comment, every face, every jest, was suddenly gone, and instead there was a very serious concerned man. Someone who cared very deeply for her… Who wouldn’t let her kiss him if she wasn’t feeling what he was feeling. He wasn’t going to let himself be a mistake.


It was also around the time he finally started confiding to her his own family history. His mother left at a young age and his father was barely present as he ran their business empire. That was when she realized that he was a broken person that had wanted to be fixed for a long time, and despite his efforts to change being entirely his own… he had chosen her to be his inspiration.


Samantha took more steps back to the staff room, the cupboards doors were all thrown open, and as Oliver looked up with a cheeky smile, Samantha slipped under his arm that was still clutching the cupboard and leaned in to his suddenly frozen expression.






He pulled back hastily, fear and sadness in his eyes, once again the transition between the joker and the man striking Samantha very deeply.

“No…” His eyes told her what he meant, as he looked at her mouth unable to meet her gaze.

“It’s okay.” She half whispered as she leaned in again, only this time her eyes locking with his, so that he could see what he had missed the first time she had gone to kiss him. He could see in her eyes what he wanted, but feared at the same time.



He kissed her. At first gentle, but then deeper, and they both felt themselves fit into a niche in their hearts.


Him without a mask, and her without a doubt.

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