'Once Upon A Time' Thoughts and Opinions for Season 2!

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The new hit series 'Once Upon A Time' has captured our attentions from episode one. There is a little bit of something for everyone, symbolism, enigmas, magic, romance, comedy, mystery, and adventure. So with the mysterious ending of season 1, what will happen? What will we find out? Thoughts and my opinions.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



If you are anything like me the number of unfinished stories in mysteries that the show 'Once Upon A Time' has introduced offers plenty of food for thought. Some of my biggest questions are: What is the real story of Henry's father? Who is Henry's father? How will Henry respond to Regina, the woman who has raised him until now? What will happen to Pinocchio now that the curse is broken? What will the dark fog do to the town? Will Red Riding Hood be able to transform into a wolf again? What are the untold stories between Snow and Charming? What will happen with Rumplestiltskin now that Belle is back in the picture? Where is Rumplestiltskin's son? Will his son come back? How will the character's handle knowing and living two lives now? What was Emma in jail for when she was pregnant with Henry?


Those are only SOME of the questions that come to my mind. Truthfully, the writer's have done a superb job of setting this all up, unfortunately they will be incredibly imited with this TV show if they wish to keep it good. They cannot the character's being trapped forever for two reasons. One: It would get really overdone and irritating. Two: The actor's are aging and there is only so much fo the timeline that can be squeezed in, and they still look the same. 

I realize the second one isn't a HUGE dilemma, but it should be amongst their concerns. I really just hope that they do not turn this into their last show 'Lost' and come up with a horrible ending and drag it on too long. A show looses its quality after a while, and I will be so dissapointed if I do not stay interested until the end. 


Now moving onto my theories about my questions. I wonder if Rumplestiltkin's son will in fact be Henry's father, which would explain why Henry would be tied to the curse somehow. It does not make complete sense that he would be trapped by the boundaries of the curse as he said in the first few episodes "I left, but I had to come back." That does not add up because he was born of the saviour who was free of the curse when it was cast. Regina could not have extended the curse to Henry at that point I don't think. However, Rumplestiltskin's son being Henry's father would not be flawless either because he too was free in this world before the curse was cast. It is possible that the writer's tie it in somehow though. Henry's father could also be corrupt enough to join Regina if the writer's really wanted to start-up a conflict. This is possible seeing as Emma's take on him clearly was not a positive one, and he could return to stir up trouble. Or the writer's could continue their desire to match people up with their true love's, and he could be it for her though I imagine a lot of conflict would be had. I do think that Henry's father will come into the picture and quite possibly drive a chasm in-between Henry and Emma because she lied to him.

As for how Henry will respond to Regina, the woman who raised him, I believe that he will show a lot more mercy to her. I believe when conflicts arise he himself will be torn because of everything she did for him. I also believe Regina will still try to aid Henry however she can. 


Because the curse is broken it is quite possible that Pinocchio has become 'real' again. Especially because Emma DID end up believeing, so he somewhat lived up to his responsibility, even if he wasn't the root cause. 

The dark fog that rolled in I believe will not be fully understood even by Rumplestiltskin. It was created using a potion of true love so I believe that it will have both positive and negative attributes. So maybe Red Riding Hood will now beable to become a wolf again, and the Queen might have some magic restored. That being said, what magic will Emma now possess seeing as she herself is tied to hte potion and it is what brough back the magic? If it is removed it could be possible she loses whatever power gained in the end. 

I wonder if Charming will be Jack and the Beanstalk (Also that would answer the other question of: What is his real name?). Jack in the fairytale wasw raised on a farm with his mother, and one day sold a cow for some amgic beans. What could happen is the giant could be an enemy in this world now against Charming and Snow after Jack trespassed. 


Rumplestiltskin and Belle . . . oh boy now there is the biggest enigma of all. Belle was certainly correct in saying that love is layered, and in this case we have to ask how far do the layers go, how good are they, and will Belle put up with it?I believe the only person that could make Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold turn good would be his son, and only his son. We saw how he was willing to destroy the knife that controlled his power for Pinocchio when he was tricked, and this could come back again. Belle, will have to live with Rumplstiltskin bringing back the power he thirsts for and see how he handles it. She might be able to keep him from reverting back to complete evil for a time, but she might walk out on him once more and go to the 'good side' to aid them. She has a good heart and has not ever been tempted by darkness, I also believe Rumplestiltskin upon his dewcent back into evil could result in him lying on her and her saying some hurtful things to him that could rev up his anger after he has to recover fro a broken heart. It could also be what re-unites Regina and himself, because we all know there will be a battle between the two because of her locking away Belle. 

If Rumplestiltskin's son is in fact Henry's father (The age difference would be completely wrong), then he would be on the good side and wanting to help raise Henry and get back at his father. I do not think that it is likely though. 


The characters now have to handle knowing about two lives and being stuck in one reality, and as Jefferson has pointed out, it can drive a person crazy. They know how to do everything in this world and in that, and it will have it's merits. What those merits are? Could be more memory difficulties, it could be rage, it could be many things. Further to that, how conflicting will it be now that Emma has her mother and father back, and they are the same age as her. They remember her as a baby and now she is one of their peers, and they have missed out on her whole life (though not because of their choosing). 

It will most likely lead to a lot of conflict especially because it will be an emotional rollercoaster for the three of them. They will be trying to get to know her and everything, but still be parents. Emma who has never had parents will have a lot of difficulty adjusting to that because she has been on her own for so long, and they will continue seeing her as they last saw her in many ways. As an infant. It will be incredibly hard for Snow and Charming to grieve missing raising their daughter and having to hear about all of the troubles she went to. Emma will feel guilt because she will see how much it hurts them that she will not succumb to being their: 'Little Girl'. Yet at the same time it was what she always wanted, but not with people who are the same age as herself. Further to that Emma has been an incredibly private person up until this point and Snow will want to know as much about her as possible, so connecting and developing a trusting relationship will prove very challenging and wearing for them both. Luckily, they obviously love and care about each other whch will be their saving grace. 

One of the many questions I am sure Snow will ask is: What was Emma in jail for?


What Emma was in jail for I imagine was either something to take care of herself, to helps omeone else out, or she was tricked. It quite possibly could have somethign to do with the father of Henry. He could quite possibly have landed her in prison for her doing something, which would be why she stays angry with him. He may have also landed her there to maybe protect Henry. What if Emma wanted an abortion? What if the father didn't so he placed her in jail to prevent that? Who knows, but these are things I am still trying to form a theory on.


I hope you all enjoyed hearing my thoughts and logic. I do this for fun, and I will most likely develop more as time goes on and I become restless with waiting for season two to come out and for spoilers. If you have more thoughts or ideas comment and let me know! I would love to hear some!

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