The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Predictions and Facts!

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The Big Bang Theory is a terrific TV show! I am sure we all are wondering the same things, and are waiting excitedly for Season 6 next Fall! SO I have discovered some facts, and created some theories to satisfy my curiosity for a time. Read and let me know what you think!

Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012




The Big Bang Theory started off being overlooked by many people. However, the brilliance of the show could not be ignored for long. With so many brilliant minds contributing to the making, and a cast of gifted actors, it was inevitable that the show would become such a success. 
Season 5 left us all watching dear Howard being shot out into space as his friends and bride watched with baited breaths. What does season 6 promise us though?
After reviewing some websites I have discovered that next season Howard and Bernadette's living arrangements will be settled. As we all recall there was a dilemma because of Howard needing to be 'taken care of'. Also, the Wedding reception will not be shown sadly! 
Leonard and Penny will continue to battle over what they wish to get out of the relationship, Amy and Sheldon will remain similar, Raj will feel even more restless now that his best friend is married, and last but not least: We will meet/see Bernadette's mother.
These are all facts that the writer's have released to the public, but from those facts, and from being an audience member, I have formed a few theories of my own.
Sheldon and Amy's relationship cannot remain stagnant for an entire year if the writer's expect to keep the audience hooked. There has to be developments of some kind. 
A situation that I think could quite possibly happen would be if Leonard's mother were to return, and Amy found out about the kiss that happened between Sheldon and Leonard's mom.
Amy would get insanely jealous and start some sort of weird competition because Leonard's mother is also a neuropsychiatric. (Forgive me if I got her job wrong, I just remember it is in the same field as Amy). My guess is this situation would most likely end in Sheldon having to comfort Amy in his backhanded way.
I can imagine him saying something along the lines of:
"I did not choose to be shackled down to Leonard's mother though." And Amy would of course be swooned by that. 
Leonard and Penny . . . Oh dear. The writer's cannot have them break up for a second time and expect the audience to not get overly annoyed. Breaking up twice is just too much; so this time will work out, or if they break-up it will be for good.
I tend to be more optimistic and believe that they will end up together, seeing as the entire show has revolved around their relationship. 
I believe two scenarios could happen:
1) Leonard and Penny both decide they want to get married but not to wait, so they get married in Vegas. It seems something impulsive that Penny would do, and Leonard being so happy to marry her would go along for the ride. If I wanted to add to that I could see their friends finding out and being so upset that they weren't invited that they chase after them to be there (Amy of course would have a fit).
2) Penny gets pregnant. I think this is a possibility because the writer's have made references to that situation a few times. (Penny taking a test in highschool, and her imagining getting married at 8 months pregnant). If that were to happen that would automatically force things to change between Sheldon and Amy because Leonard would move out to be with Penny, and want the 2 bedroom apartment. So Amy would leap on this opportunity to have her boyfriend move in with her.
The reason I've focused on the writer's putting in Penny's pregnancy moments is that writer's in the past have done that to hint about a potential pregnancy(Examples: That 70's Show Jackie and Kelso have a scare: Kelso later becomes a father. Friends: Ross discusses children with Rachel/ and Ben is a surprise. Plus the writer's couldn't keep having him get married. Besides, Chandler and Monica were already the married couple of the show). The show needs to be kept interesting, and marriage has been done, so next up:a baby?
At the very least a scare could happen which could fling Penny into realizing she really does want to end up with Leonard.
What about the newlyweds? Think I could forget them? I believe Howard and Bernadette will face a lot of problems in their marriage for many reasons. Reasons like children, and Bernadette's job paying better than his. How these problems will develop . . . I don't know. I honestly am not sure how to feel about the two of them. I thought they were going to break-up to be honest. There were multiple hints about it happening, but it would seem that it did not prevent the wedding (Obviously).
Raj I have no idea how his character will develop/ and or change. Someone I know thinks that he might end up being gay but I am not so sure about that one.
So there you have it! Let me know what you think!

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