The Big Bang Theory Season 9 (Facts and Predictions)

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Thoughts and predictions for The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) season 9!

Warning: SPOILERS!

Submitted: June 29, 2015

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Submitted: June 29, 2015



‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 8 left off on an unusually high cliffhanger. I say unusually because for many seasons the show has been moving at a snails place, almost encouraging the loss of this fan’s attention. The season finale ended with Penny and Leonard on their way to Las Vegas to tie the knot, and Amy breaking up with Sheldon after he disrupted their anniversary with his focus on a TV show, rather than on the make-out session that had been in the works.


Some of the facts that have been revealed for season 9 are:


- Sheldon will have to confront his emotions in a way he never really has had to before; Dealing with the breakup of someone he has grown to be deeply fond of. This latest development will not stop Sheldon and Amy from talking to one another and it has been implied that the breakup may not stick (For the sake of their ratings I hope that it isn’t permanent).


 - A possibility that has strong factual groundings but neither officially confirmed nor denied was the presence of Sheldon’s mother in season 9’s premier.


This is all that has been uncovered at this time, though I’m sure more tidbits will be revealed as fans grow restless for answers.


My personal predictions and thoughts for the upcoming season 9, are summed up in 3 points.


1. Leonard and Penny- Not Forever


Leonard and Penny have been the couple the primary couple on TBBT since the pilot episode. However, the constant ups and downs, the same problems resurfacing over and over again, and the recent reveal that Leonard cheated on Penny while away at sea on their way to get married, has become exhausting to the point where I am sure I am not the only fan to stop caring about ‘will they won’t they’.


They have had a turbulent relationship, and despite the multiple red flags they have seen from each other, they have persevered (Examples: The relationship quiz that Shledon suggested they take and yet they both knew they would obtain a low mark, Penny not factoring Leonard into her perfect day, and their constant arguments, etc). After 9 seasons I feel the saying “Sh*t or get off the pot” is all too appropriate. The writers have toyed with the relationship for far too long, and if they wanted to shake things up in a more realistic way, would end the misery that is that relationship.


My theory of Penny and Leonard eloping to Vegas was accurately predicted in a previous article I’ve posted, but instead of a happily ever after for the two, my prediction for their elopement status, is that they will turn the car around and decide that they need more time. OR in a more likely scenario, instead of confronting the reality that their relationship is probably doomed, they are saved when Amy or Sheldon or both, call them with the news of their breakup and they turn around to help their friends.


This show’s most interesting relationship by far is Sheldon and Amy’s, but sadly the focus has been on the most obnoxious one: Penny and Leonard. The only commonality these two seem to have is the love of their friends, and Sheldon issues. It has never been a steady relationship, and if the writers understand the dynamics of healthy relationships, they will let this one crumble.


2. Sheldon and Amy- Without each other a bunch of 1’s and no 0’s in a Binary Code


Sheldon and Amy’s recent break-up, in my opinion, will not last. Sheldon has come too far and Amy has been too patient for it to amount to nothing. Granted it is a miracle that Amy hung on as long as she did, their relationship has more depth than any other on the show.


Sheldon and Amy have a relationship where they are equals, they share common interests, and are honest with each other unlike their friends in their own relationships. They both care about one another greatly, despite it being hard to see how much Sheldon cares because of his child-like selfish tendencies, what is easy to forget is that he is in that relationship because despite it being easier not being troubled by a girlfriend in his life, Amy is worth it to him. Amy was worth fighting against his comfort zones, neurosis’, and desire to focus solely on his career. For someone like Sheldon, putting forth the effort and being open minded to an advancing relationship, is remarkable. That is one of the biggest ways you can tell Sheldon truly does love Amy, and I don’t need to embark on the long list of selfless deeds Amy has done for Sheldon.


I believe that Sheldon will have to face that the relationship to date, despite his best efforts, has been selfish. It has been in some ways similar to his relationship with his mother where he relies on Amy to make him happy and support him and be thrilled to do so, but returns the favor with an eyeroll and lengthy complaint speech. 


Sheldon will have to really push himself to make things right with Amy after the breakup, and I think he will get to the point of being more unselfish when he realizes what his life is like when Amy is not his girlfriend.

I foresee these two mending their relationship and marrying on the show.


Shamy’s relationships is easily the most fascinating on the show, and the writers would have to be fools to keep them broken up.


3. And They All Lived Happily Ever After


This outcome is a fear of mine pertaining to this show. The reason being there are many unrealistic unhealthy relationships in the show (The main one being Leonard and Penny), and to have everyone end up together is too rosy an ending for my taste.


I am undecided on how Howard and Bernadette will go considering they have such an up and down marriage with a lot of unequal footing. The diversities range from: Bernadette’s pay grade and education, and Howard’s inability to fully grow up. How long until Bernadette gets fed up with his lack of initiative in taking responsibility and being an equal?

If these two somehow power through because, who knows, maybe that dynamic of relationship works for them; I can accept that. I can understand a relationship between them where Bernadette prefers to be dominant and Howard be submissive works.


Leonard and Penny ending up together? That is the hardest one to take because as previously mentioned, it has become a nuisance. If I saw a relationship like that amongst my friends, odds are we wouldn’t stay friends because it would drive me crazy.


Things don’t always work out just because you love someone, and these two have had way too many on and off moments for it to be considered stable just because they love each other.


Sheldon and Amy as I have pointed out, are by far the best couple and most likely to wind up together.


So if the writers are trying to please everyone, which they might, they may have it so that everyone is paired off and happy (Raj could possibly find someone, because we all know his current relationship won’t last much longer). This ending is a distinct possibility, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers did a flash forward style ending to the show showing everyone with their kids and discussing their careers. What would be interesting, and what I could accept more easily about this type of ending, would be if one of the two unstable couples I previously mentioned, ended up divorced.


In conclusion, I hope that the writers aren’t afraid to take a realistic approach over the course of the next season or two, and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing which direction they take.


Live Long and Prosper fellow fans!

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