golden light

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Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008




The orange light glow of light slowly grows into golden yellow blasting through the entangled jungle.
The leaves have golden light illuminating the magic
The hornbill cries out to the other many creatures living in the jungle, swooping into the next vine suffused tree.
The tallest tree reaches for the sky towards the puffy white clouds floating gracefully beyond.
A small ant scuttles over the decaying wood and fallen leaved carpet which forms the ground. A snake slithers deeper into the overgrown jungle keeping cool from the scorching sun. Each tree is like a human unique and different in every way. Like a jig saw puzzle if you took a single branch out all life would fall out of place as the source of life is taken away. The vines wrap around the trees catching every falling leaf and burgeoning with moss and life. It is scary the way it is so like our world yet there is beauty that overcomes it all.
The beauty of green and gold. The beauty of peace and serenity. The beauty unlike any other.
A stream flows with fresh water. Water insects skate along the pure water. It flows with determination to get to its destination and purpose. This purpose being to give life to all it passes. Patches of sunlight sprinkle through the leaves and shine onto the water. The clouds get heavy the earthly creatures scamper to their home. The first drop of rain hits the noisy jungle and soon the sun is hidden behind the heavy gray sky. The jungle is transformed and engulfed in water. The clean cool water gets heavy and hydrates all the parched flowers.
As you lay asleep in your warm comfortable bed the sound of rain is your rhythm, your lullaby, ready to put you to sleep. Andalthough you may be asleep there is always life in between every root, every petal and fills my heart with joy. Although you may be leaving I know that the jungle will support you in it most mysterious way. Feeding you its strength.

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