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Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



This is the next story here I am going to serve and hope you liked my first story. That was truly based on my true life. And here I am after some days again faced the love, the love twice with two different girls. How is it possible?

Nope this is not possible to love twice in life, and this only I want to confess from this story.

This is small and sweet story after the big one from the big heart and in this little format I had describe the love with two girls. These girls met me on different time in a life and I had merge them in a single story.

The purpose behind this story is to tell you guys that may be love is there every time but till you gets true, and when u will got true love, that will be the first and last love which actually happens once in everyone's life.

Thank you **************************************************************************************************

“IT HAPPEN’S TWICE” writer: amit sahare happens twice, once in past and once at present. Let’s talk about LOVE, She was with boy and that session was great. This is the first affection brought love at first side. Ohh “why should always talk on love.” The boy was pursuing pre-graduation in science, she was in his class, but the fact, and they were not a friend. Something was pulling boy in her side. This heart makes him blind to see surrounding when she is there, every second the boy was watching her, feel for her in every bit, but fails to talk a single word. And how it can happen, ”that was first love.” They spend two years in same class and he feels million things in mind for her…she was there on first bench and boy was on second bench. She was talking with friends and sharing what she likes, boy listen, “she likes ‘jawlamukhee’ the south Indian movie.” She was talking with her father on call and telling them “to remove down the cloths which are kept on ta-rice for dry” boy surprised, she used Marathi, “Ohh great. She knows Marathi..!” But complete session ends the fact they are not even friends. Boy comes for graduation with so many moments spend in seeing her but as the session goes slowly- slowly the dust seat on this moments…and he forgot her. The boy meets another girl, the boy was very lazy person, whatever the work provided by the sir, and student has to do it. But not on at least single time this boy has done the work and also not became eligible for the punishment. It just because of this girl, her sweet smile. Attitude and nature to help the buddies every time even she may come in trouble in doing that, falls the boy second time in love. Don’t forget, as this is the second time the benefits, they are good friends and boy decides to propose her but one day… She ask for leave to sir because she wanted to go for birthday party of her friend.boy ask her, “should I leave you up to bus stop?” she replied, ”no dude thanks, my friend is coming for me..!” and after some days the boy comes to know that friend was her boyfriend actually. It happens twice but hurted truly. The boy wash his heart in the water of tears and clean all the pictures in his heart for this girl..and might be that dust also goes which was on that moments spend with first girl. boy meet that girl on social networking but he never found a true love for both because he forgot first one after the end of session and stops thinking about second one when he got knows “she have boyfriend.”

It happens twice…but no meaning. The boy and these girls are now good friends and the stupid thing about the story is the boy is ME.

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