HIM, not Me

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One summer, I was with a guy that I liked a lot. I went to a party and the house caught on fire. He saved me, but in the end, he died. We spent 2 months together, I got away from my family. I wrote this in his memory, the one I loved............PLEASE READ.....

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008



Him, Not Me
I sit there in the room alone,
Scared out of my mind.
The heat is closing in on me,
I am burning up inside.
Before I knew it,
The flames were going out the windows.
People outside this room were screaming,
I was stuck.
People were running,
Still, I was stuck.
The door would not open,
I heard someone banging on the door,
He finally had busted through,
He pulled me out of that small room,
Through the flames.
I could feel my skin burning,
I could feel him pulling me to safety.
I loved him so much.
I sit there in this room alone,
The doctor rubbing stuff on my arms.
My shoulders are bright red,
They are very badly blistered.
I ask how he is.
I look at him through the window,
He is lying there,
My eyes are leaking terribly,
He may not live.
He saved my life and this is what happens to him.
He is burned so badly.
I wake up a few days later,
Only to cry and put on my black.
He is gone,
My one true love.
He saved me,
When I should have been saving him.
He deserved to live,
I wish it was him in the room,
Me coming to the rescue.
I should have been the one lying in the bed,
He should have been the one to leave the hospital.
He should have been the one to wake up,
Only to cry and put on his black,
Not me.
Now, I wish I could reverse time,
I have my memories of him,
They will be stuck in my head forever.
He will always be my true love.
He will remain in my heart,
Until the day that I die.
We will meet again someday.

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