Journey of the Mind

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Like the title of this short story states, this will take you on a journey of your mind. It is hard to summarize this as I wrote it specifically to not make sense when you analyse it, knowing all too well that people will try and analyse it. I wanted whoever read this short story (very short) to be taken on a mental journey and not understand what they were reading but somehow really feel what they were reading. 'That' is the essence of Journey of the Mind.

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Submitted: July 05, 2013

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Submitted: July 05, 2013



The resolution was absolute. The final minute was absolute.

D hurdled over the bridge to Long-gate. The crimson bird watched him from up above, just hovering. He arrived in good time at Long-gate and looked over his surroundings. Nothing but ash and dust lay in his wake and a distant call - minute but easily heard. He dusted the ash off his shoulders and walked along the creaked path of brow-beaten moss and the stony isle which called itself a road. Meanwhile the crimson bird continued to circle the blank sky in an awkward fashion; almost as if trying to find something: something discreetly close but yet so far - the winged creature continued to hover. Abruptly D saw the bird from the corner of his eye as he was walking and his crystal necklace started to glow like sharks glow in the sea.

The shard turned a brilliant white, as white as a newly sown wedding dress before its worn and glowed a faint purply pink that rather astonished D. Before the shard could have its way, D took it off and flung it as high in the sky as he could.
'Good riddance' he said aloud. He watched it briefly fly across the sky before its abrupt stop in a nearby tree. He continued walking with a blank look on his face. The carrion swooped down as fast as a lightning bolt, closing its wings tight to its feathery body like a torpedo before extending its wings gracefully. It fought with branches, leaves, and other animals, receiving some damage but refused to give up on the jewel it was seeking. Before it could obtain what it was seeking, a nearby half rabbit, half toad extended its metre long tongue and powerfully heaved the pearl of purple into its mouth with almost what appeared as a snarl.

D looked at his watch even though where he was, it would not matter. Infinity is but a day here, a place where riches and glory and greed and cruelty are just phases of plantation, phases of starlight dust that come and go; similar to his lifestyle. He took off his watch and placed it on the dirty grass, perplexed by the questions of antiquity in his mind. 'Where am I? Where am I going? Who am I looking for?'
Many questions but blank answers. His eyes had undergone a change of hue. The saturation in them were no longer a pleasant 'light dark' but a 'dark light'; as if the role of them was to infect his mind with the scum of as many things as he could of. They were opalescent tractors working restlessly for a harvest that was not likely to come soon. D stood in the midst of this place: of this world which felt real to him, a place where everything he would or ever need was right there, but then why did he feel so distant from it? His eyes twitched as the crimson scythe of the sky glided through the air nearing him.

The mystical bird was massive. 15 foot with a wingspan you could sleep in and be rocked into a gentle sleep. The carrion made a sharp descending turn and D quivered with fear yet he stood perfectly still. In its mouth, D could see the jewel he had thrown away earlier which must have been hours ago. The gigantic bird landed with the item dangling in its mouth. The bird did not look at D but rather towards its sides always checking to see if something was out there in the suddenly approaching mist. Without thought, the bird dropped the necklace from its mouth and D caught it, still not having the desire to run away. It was almost as if he had seen this bird long before today, long before he was born but the thought quickly left as soon as it entered.

The necklace was in his clenched fists. He slowly opened them and it was still dazzling like clean teeth. Suddenly the bird which D thought looked like a crow and eagle gave a loud screech. This caught D off guard and made him tremble under the vibrations. 'What do you want from me?' he said aloud, not expecting an answer. However an answer he got, and D could hear a voice talking to him in his mind which he assumed was coming from the bird. 'Look at the back of the necklace for 10 seconds closing your eyes and then when the 10 seconds are over, open them'.
D didn't want to obey this command but felt frightened not to. He looked at the back of his necklace and nothing was there.
'Close your eyes!' the voice said again.
'This is stupid and silly, why should I listen to you?'
'Because I am you'
D laughed in a horrific way but then thought he might as well play along with what this bird was telling him to do. He kept the back of his necklace facing him and closed his eyes.

Closed his eyes to the world, to the bird, to where he was now and counted down from ten.
'4'...the bird still looked side to side anxiously.
Then that was it. What happened next could not be dictated or understood by writing. It was like gravity, like an incommunicable communication. Like a clock winding forwards and backwards at the same time. It was like a sea of fire and ice eating yet also healing the soul. It was extraterrestrial, intolerable, unmistakeable by any human eye; a ray of light, a beacon of hope, a lighthouse of wonders. D's eyes had been opened.

(The End)

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