A Father's last wish

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I wrote this for my friend.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



Stand close to me,
This was meant to be.
Cover your eyes.
I will take away your fears.
These things happen for a reason.
Now, You have to make your own decisions.
Do not weep, Do not cry.
I'll bear the pain that you're having.
I'll kiss away the sorrows,
Sew that heart that stops beating.
Dream my child,
I'll see you tonight.
My hands are always reaching for you.
Don't be afraid.
I know it's hard.
But now you have to face this,
face the reality without me.
Learn to smile.
I have to go for a while.
Your mind keep tracks of your memories.
The joy, the sadness, the hopes and the praises.
Cherish this, carry on my child.
My soul will be with you.
I'll be your wings when you fall.
I'll lead the way now stand up tall.
Between your fears and your doubts.
Listen to every word I whisper.
A miracle is on its way.
Now open your eyes and walk inside the dark.
This path will bring you back from the start.
It's time for you to live.
I'm with you.
I'm your light.
I'm your star.

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