A Collection of Stories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This novel consists of a variety of independent excerpts with fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, and contemporary genres. Hearts are broken, pacts are made, friendships are tested, and worlds are changed in each addition as characters encounter life changing events and are forced to come to terms with their derailed futures. Join each character on their unique and unfinished journey as the impossible becomes reality and their pasts become a distant memory. Many of these stories are excerpts of larger unfinished projects I had in mind and a majority of them were written during the four years I went inactive. I am excited to share them with everyone now and if you think that any of them deserve a complete storyline, please let me know in the comments so I can gauge the popularity of the stories and decide which ones I could possibly write an independent novel or complete short story for. Thank you for considering my treasury of tales and happy reading!

Table of Contents

Lost Time

Emotions come to a head as two best friends come to understand their feelings for one another just as their time runs out. Sometimes, the danger of love is waiting too long and watching it slip
through your fingers like sand in an hourglass.
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Words and Roses

Words: a safe haven and escape for people that write everything from the most awe-inspiring stories to the most trivial events that happened to them that day. A mourning son falls in love with his
late mother's handwritten journals as they allow him to connect with the woman he never had the opportunity to meet.
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