This Old House

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this little fear, that some of us may encountered during our childhood.The house that somehow scared the hell out of us.

Submitted: June 21, 2012

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Submitted: June 21, 2012



~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~

As clear as bright day light, so I remember it all

This old house stood next to the candelabra cactus tree

Always felt a cold draft brushed against my skin

Each moment I came close, or just took a glance at it

I could hear my bones rattle with fear

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~

At the front porch, always seated this elderly woman

Very Stern look on her face and wrinkled double chin

She squinted at every pedestrian enough to make them fearful

Or seen this black furry cat with small red eyes

Such a starry fixation reminded me the look of the gremlins

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~
That same wrinkled elderly lady stood aside by the cactus bushes

Amused herself particularly, in the late afternoon

Starred at me! Horrific! My blood steamed, terrified!

Could she be fed through my energy at that instant?Don't know!

I buried my face in Grand Mama's skirt safe I felt

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~
When night fell, I could as though see the cactus tree changed

Perhaps unto monstrous creatures, stood still, but really frightened

Couldn't help not to look- my window was right at its angle

With my tiny tremor hands, I closed the drape, scared stiff I felt

Or preferably said, it might as well then, a curiosity of my eyes

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~

And the many chameleons spotted on the gabbles

I couldn't explain it all! Really, truly weird

They swelled up their necks, like ready to devour

Nonetheless, never once witnessed a scant of any harm they caused

But they did not look too safe.

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~
When the lights all went out, I wrapped in the sheet like a mummy

If by any chance I heard a squishy noise.I Trembled like hell without a quake

Sometimes as well, felt lying in a pool of water- from all the sweat I drained of fear

Not enough, I lived these tortures in the early term

But it seems at times, this old house, and its contents continue to haunt my dreams.

© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne All rights reserved

© Copyright 2018 Patricia Etienne. All rights reserved.

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