The Christmas Bunny

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Children's Story

Submitted: June 06, 2008

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Submitted: June 06, 2008



The Christmas Bunny
Written by Patrick Callahan

One sleepy Christmas Eve
many, many years ago,
I was awakened by the patter
of tiny footsteps down below
at the bottom of my bed.

As my eyes began to open
And my heart began to pound, pound
I thought it must be Santa
With a rustle and a tussle
poking ‘round.

So I opened very carefully
The eyes inside my head,
To catch a glimpse of dear Old Santa
Making merry round my bed,
at the bottom of my bed.

Slowly turning over, over
with my heartbeat pounding faster
my mouth a little dryer
and my eyes a little wider
I drew the covers down.

Well, much to my surprise
It wasn’t Santa Claus I saw
But a Christmas Bunny Rabbit
Sitting smartly
at the bottom of my bed.

His eyes were round and wide
And his fur was black as night
And a bow of red hung round his neck
That sleepy Christmas night

When he saw me staring startled
His ears perked up right quick,
And he leaped off of the bed
And out the door like Old Saint Nick!

I sprang out of my bed
Into the hall and down the stairs
I ran with all my might
To catch the Christmas Bunny …
and Santa Claus that night

When I made it to the great room
I saw presents on the tree
And the stockings on the mantle
But no Santa Claus you see.

But inside the fireplace I saw
A paw
Beside a twitching bunny nose
And in a twinkle he was gone
Up the chimney I suppose.

Come morning I awoke
To find Santa had been there
But not a bit of proof
That clever Christmas hare
was there

Now, we’ve all heard the legends
Of Rudolph and the elves
And the factory at the North Pole
With toys on all the shelves

But have you seen the bunny
With the fur as black as night
And the bow of red hung ‘round his neck
Ready to take flight.

Quick! There he goes
Off the bed and out the door
To warn Santa you’re awake
From your dreams of balls and dolls
And treats of candy canes and cake.

But if you’ve seen him
Know it’s true
Someone watches over you
When Santa’s in the house

Who? A mouse?
The Christmas Bunny
That’s who.

(c) Copyright 1997

© Copyright 2020 Patrick Callahan. All rights reserved.

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