All that Man can Comprehend

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Life, it is what you live and what you do and all that you can comprehend is...

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012




All That Man Can Comprehend


Open your eyes, see the world, wonder what it is, how it was formed.

See the injustices, see the greatness of it all, see what is around you.

Observe life, and people, and the planet.

Realize your role, and the role of every other living being.

Observe the world as if you never knew it existed.


Don’t think about how to change it, to fit it into your mold.

Don’t think to make the world a place for man, for man is only as important as the grass and ants.

Don’t think of what would make it right, of how to fix it.

Don’t think you know anything, because as soon as you know it, it changes.

Don’t think that what you see is right, for right does not exist.

Don’t think that you know what life is, for as soon as you do it ends.

Don’t question what you see, for you that is all that exists.

Don’t question the world, or it will question you.


When you’ve seen the world, then look at it from another’s point of view, and watch it change.


Question what has changed, why.

Wonder what makes you different.

Question all there is to question between the two, and then question no more.

For all that man can comprehend is the difference between men.


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