Ode to the Other Toes

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Ode to the Other Toes

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




An Ode to the Other Toes


why can’t I move my other toes?

I will struggle and wiggle:

the big toe moves fine,

but the rest are noncommittal.

second to pinky toe are froze

together like unlearned words

cut off from the vine

of leaves eaten by baby birds


why do I have my other toes?

are they for moral support?

maybe they’re asleep

making sure to sell themselves short  

so that if the moment arose

they could wiggle into place

to take a great leap

into the open depths of space


so this is to the other toes

who have to wait for their chance

to jump into time

an awkward man learning to dance

so that they can become unfroze

become sweaty in a sock

feel covered in grime

(they’d love it believe it or not)




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