'The Dagger in my Heart'

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A young boy loses his father in a chemical explosion in an early age. In the past years, the boy had grown up and stands on with his own feet. Together with his family and his own girlfriend, the boy still remember the unforgettable moment with his dying father. Read this touching story which can get up your feelings.

Submitted: October 13, 2010

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Submitted: October 13, 2010



Hello! I’m Joseph, a twelve-year-old high school boy and I’m here to tell you about the daring event happened in our family race. My family lived in a cramped condominium NOT FAR FROM a factory which was established by the Japanese government since the World War II. Ten years ago, my father had been working in that factory which it was the only job he could take. My father was a very old man and seems he was older than the factory he had been working to but I never wander that he was still work just to earn a little money that we could fit in for us. After his every duty in the afternoon, he always had a present wrapped in a gentle bow of ribbon for each of us but after the large incident happened right before my eyes, I never want to see that factory again. That factory was also the reason why my father was not here right now with us. Three years ago, a big chemical explosion happened inside that factory which takes the lives of 1,300 people including my father. At that time, I never want to look at my father’s suffering body. He was filled by his own blood scattered unto his body as my father keeps chasing his breath to survive. He had been hit by a huge mechanical engine and was laid trapped behind. He just laid in his position motionless and he just keep whispering to my ears, “Take care of yourselves and after I left in this moment, do not cry for me because I had died with innocence and rejoice me when I am now with the Lord-,’’ and after that last words, he laid his head unconscious on the ground and laid dead. I knelt beside his dying body and laid my head unto his back crying and shouting with tears all over my face, “Oh why Lord, why my dear father is the one! Why?! Why! Oh God, please help us!” The ambulances had come together with some police to investigate the area. After the tragedy, I became curious of what my father had told me. My nightmare came to me vividly. What is the meaning of my father’s message to us? At this twelve-year-old age? How could ever a child be the breadwinner of a family? At this moment, I still remember what my father had kept telling me before he passed away. Three years ago past and here am I, a senior student of William McKinley High School in California. I had now my sweet girlfriend, Rachel, after we met here in California. My family and I now lived with our own property near from my granddaughter’s home yet not far away from where my father was engraved. At this week, my girlfriend and I would plan to go outside together with my family for the special day this October. It was the Family day and the kids told me about it! After the visit in my father’s grave, we will have a visit to the Los Angeles Museum near the McKinley Park which was the next to stop on to watch the beautiful sunset after the exhausting travel. It was all planned out and the time came, and all to do is to wait for tomorrow! I let my girlfriend to sleep on my own room while I slept on our couch wearing the red striped boxers my father had gave me as a present for my birthday just before the tragedy had happened. He had told me that he had been using those boxers since he was on high school. The next morning, when my alarm rang at exact 9:00 am, I feel sleepy yet and the sofa feels smooth and soft to sleep in but I began to remember that we had a tour this morning! Oh no! I’m late! I started to wander where my girlfriend now is? I later found out a note hanging in the refrigerator saying, “Joseph! Get out of your bed! Get on with your T-shirt and try to catch up with us. I kept on waking you from your sleep on the coach since 7:30 am! Huh, I know you care about your family but have an importance to us. We'll wait for you as soon as you're awake!” After reading this, I dropped it on the ground and rush up the stairs to my room to get some clothes to wear in. I got the key, rapidly hustle outside the door and hop inside my car to catch up the tour on the museum. Driving up scuttling on fear my family and my affectionate girlfriend would get frustrated on me for forgetting the most imperative day this month. They would get their voices high in the sky telling of how significant to them is this day and I cannot do anything about it. As I drive along, I had seen them strolling in the sidewalk and seems they had gone from the museum grasping some photos taken from their adventures inside the museum. I stopped my car along the road and got outside my car, swaying my hand back and forth high in the sky trying to get their attention as I run just before them. They simply saw me in a flash as my girlfriend runs and welcome me by hugging me as hard as she can as I hold a grip at the back of her. My mother just effortlessly grins and says, “I’m glad you had shown concern to us”. After the hugs and kisses, I held a hand on my two little brothers as we walked as a family toward the park to see the twilight as the evening comes. As we watched the sun going down, my girlfriend taps softly as she held on tightly to sit beside me watching the attractive sunset. I just simply whisper to her, “You know, as the nightfall goes on, I remembered my fading father with dagger in my heart. The sun lets me remember my father’s kindness and innocence to his death. Through many years, my father still remains with strength of justice throughout his misery for almost six years ago. Every sacrifice he had taken on the time he was still catching his breath only to survive will be remarkable in every people’s mind. My father had died with his pure and gentle heart” And after I said these words, for the first time, I saw my girlfriend crying in tears but with a smile. After that day, I had understood of being the defender of a family done by our dear father who sacrificed himself to attain his gratitude and heroism for his hardwork and sacrifices. Over the year, my father’s great courage had spread all over my nation which catches up every person’s attention that lets them idolize the brave courage of my father.

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