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Just when you think everything is bad, things can always become worse!

Submitted: September 29, 2014

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Submitted: September 29, 2014




As I sat there, listening I realized my breath started to slow down. The teacher’s voice, started to fade, and it soon was gone. While her voice was fading, in my head I heard every single one of my heartbeats. It was like in a movie time slowed down for me, heart beating became louder, and louder. Then I started to see my breath. It was as if someone dropped the room’s temperature down 30 degrees, and everything was frosty. But no one else seemed to notice. It was as if I was the only one experiencing this. Then everyone stopped moving, and a man in a white suit walked in the doorway and asked me to follow him, he told me he had answers to everything. When the man left everyone seemed to be moving again, normal pace, and the voices, they were back. I stood up, as the man requested, and went to the doorway to follow him. When I was by the door I stopped for a brief moment, and looked back. Out of my own surprise I didn’t move. Physically I was still sitting there at the desk, looking at my laptop smiling at the picture of my girlfriend and me. When I looked at it, more into detail, I noticed it was lifeless, numb, limb. Then as if written, everyone looked over to my body, and seemed to be worried. Then I started to hear shouting, nurse ran in, I jumped out of her way, but to my surprise she didn’t even acknowledge me, it was as if I wasn’t even there. After the nurse, doctors came in, with a gurney. They walked right through me. The doctors picked up my body, and rolled me out of the classroom, which by now was deserted, besides the teacher, doctors/ nurses, and principals. When the doctors where rolling my body out of the room, I started to scream for help.

“Anyone, anything!” I screamed.

But no one seemed to even realize I was there. Seemed as if I was shadow walking. Meaning I was dead, or a spirit wondering aimlessly can’t rest because I have a task to complete. I began screaming louder, than the man in the white suit returned once more, looked me in the eyes, and I followed him.

Before we gotten too far from the classroom, we were about half way down the hallway when four hooded figures appeared in front of us and at the other end of the hallway and started approaching us.

I was still new to this dead feeling, but i knew even i should be worried, because the man in the white halted to a stop and looked extremely worried. Not scared, but his face showed sweat beating down his face; his eyes, they seemed to glow bright white. He looked back at me and told me to hide, anywhere!

"Run! Hide anywhere except the drama department." He whispered sharply.

(Guys tell me in the comments if i should keep writing this, because i was originally planning to make it a book, but after a rough year i kind of put it to the side do you think it has a future, or no?)

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