Here I Lay

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The dying thoughts of an evil man.

Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Submitted: September 06, 2013



Here I lay, broken and beaten. A constant flow spews from the gash across my chest, telling the world that I do, in fact, have a heart behind this suit of black steel. Despite the fact that I lay on my back, I still hold my sword tight, as if it will somehow protect me from the judgment of the Gods.
I am not a holy man. My days of good are nothing more then faded memories of childhood. It is quite amusing actually, come to think of it. I have become the very man told of in stories to children; the corrupt black knight that everyone fears. I was a man of pure evil that needed to be defeated in glorious combat. Well, defeated I was, but glorious it was not.
My name will not grace the books of history; I’ll be lucky to be spoken of for the next ten years. Yes, I have made a name for myself, but nobody wants to tell the story of a villain. If I am mentioned, it will be only as a brief side note on the list of accomplishments by the man who defeated me.
History is not kind to those like me. All the people want to hear about are the heroes’ accomplishments, not the villains’. You won’t see a story where the villain is victorious. It goes against what people want to hear, so no one dare write it.
I would write it, were I not mortally wounded, and moments from meeting the Gods. Perhaps the Gods will grant me favour for my idea and allow my story to be told. Perhaps they will take kindly to a lost soul, who has given his life in pursuit of a goal.
Yes, I had a goal, like any other man has; but my goal will never see fruition. A dead man can accomplish nothing. And no one cares about the goal of an evil man. My goal was not evil in itself, but it was the way I pursued it that made me evil. I have done what I deemed necessary to get what I want, but was struck down by a man of stronger morals.
I was labeled as an evil man because of my choices in life. I was labeled because the path I took was not the way of the Gods. I was labeled because I didn’t bow, pray, or give everything I had for others. I took care of myself above all, and for that I was slain.
That doesn’t matter now, for after I close my eyes for the last time, I will not care about the judgment that has been given to me. My goals, left unfinished, will eventually be picked up by another man like myself. For the world needs to be balanced in that regard. How can one determine who the hero is without a villain?
Here I lay, broken and beaten. I have done my part in life; now it is time to take my leave. My heart slows to a stop, and I smile; a smile of true joy. Too bad no one will ever know why.

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