My roommates

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This is a short description of some roommates I had in college. I wrote to some friends about them, and they really enjoyed the descriptions. In particular, they laughed quite a lot about Ben. I hope you do too.

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010



Most of the people that I have met here I like a lot. I am rooming with John Sullivan who is from Appalachian St. We actually went to Italy together and had some mutual friends beforehand, so we knew one another a bit. Frankly, I was a bit scared of rooming with him, because I did get really tired of him in Italy and generally, while not outright hating him, wasn't especially fond or trusting of him. I'm very thankful to have him as a roommate now though. I still don't completely trust him and can't say all that I want to say or discuss what I feel the need to discuss, but he's there, considerate, and genuinely quite friendly. He's made life a lot better here.
My other roommates are Aaron and Ben from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and Hanover College in Indiana respectively. To most people, Aaron is frequently an irking know-it-all who seems incapable of speaking of anything other than politics and preaching the worth of progressive values. Most people don't like it and find him annoying, but, though I do sometimes question the man's sanity, I can't help but admire him, because he has so many traits that I crave with all my being to be inherent in me: constant and energetic enthusiasm; a widespread knowledge making connections where they are unapparent to most and which is also constantly sought after, acquired , and used; an understanding of the value of, intense need for, and the final satisfaction of social interaction which is essential to happiness and vocational progress. The man wakes up each morning with an interest in the day, faith based upon reason in his beliefs, and enthusiasm in his work to make his ideals reality. I can't help but compare him with myself (as I do with everyone, and, I suppose, everyone does with all others) and idolize him and these virtues that he has while acknowledging my relative lack of them in discouragement. I hope that I can come to embody them better and that he, in his turn, can find a way to prevent his productive enthusiasm from becoming dangerous and reckless zealotry. Patience is a virtue and so is temperance. He needs an abundance of both to balance his ambition. I do genuinely like him. His potential for achieving greatness and effecting progress and change is unrivaled by anyone else I have yet met on this program.
Ben is a decent guy in his own right but, I'm sorry to say, not endeared to the hearts of many here. With Ben, looks matter. He's a (I would guess) 260 pound bespectacled man a few inches shorter than I am with very short dandruff-bearing hair which is all too obvious on his black coat and, more unfortunately, the green cushions of our sofa which he falls asleep on at least 1-2 times every week. His sense of smell is obviously his keenest as he is consistently led to the kitchen or wherever prepared food may be. His obvious lack of fitness results in coughs, sneezes, and such coming more frequently than a fit person would suffer them. His humor is frequently followed by the sound of crickets and sometimes the ill-feeling of those who took his supposedly humorous teasing as decidedly not funny. In short, he, like me, is not socially adept. He is also, as fate or choice would have it, gay. All of these factors are tantamount to him being the best friend of no one on this trip. That's the trouble with Ben. Any one or couple of these traits could be shrugged off with some approximation of ease were it not for the numerous others which together make 'shrugging off' a difficult endeavor indeed. It's unfortunate, because he is in no way mean. It's terrible really. He's a nice guy. He's also not particularly likable.
Well those are my roommates...

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